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November 2, 2022

DIA on Día

By: Laurie Gallardo

Día de los Muertos is traditionally celebrated in Mexico on Nov. 1 and 2, a window of time seen as a portal between the living and the deceased. These are moments to visit with loved ones long gone or recently departed, and a celebration ensues with food, music and dancing. One of the Día de los Muertos traditions adapted in the U.S. is that of the ofrendas, or altars, beautifully adorned with items identifying whom the altar is dedicated to, everything from photographs to trinkets to their favorite foods.

Here in Austin, on the occasion of an official city proclamation declaring a Day of Diversity Inclusion Awareness (DIA), there will also be a celebration in honor of those before us with DIA on Día, a music-filled event at 3Ten at ACL Live. The huge line-up of Austin-based artists includes Tomar Williams, Carrie Rodriguez, The Tiarras (featured on today’s AMM), Como Las Movies, BLK ODYSSY, Lesly Reynaga, Eimaral Sol, Nagavalli, Lolita Lynn, Tee Double, Nemegata and many others.

DIA on Día: A Día de los Muertos Celebration happens tonight, Wednesday Nov. 2, at 3Ten. Doors open at 6 p.m., and the music starts at 7 p.m.

The Tiarras. Photography: Jay Ybarra.


February 3, 2023

Change of Heart

Sure, you can credit the ‘shrooms for Margo Price‘s most inspired songwriting moments on her latest LP Strays, if you like. Price and husband Jeremy Ivey wrote the new album while trippin’ during a trip in South Carolina, the ideas flowing like waterfalls after a torrential downpour. But this songwriting marks the arrival of a […]


January 30, 2023

Love Austin Music Month: Half Dream

Love Austin Music Month may be wrapping up this week, but KUTX shows the love for Austin artists all year round. And today, AMM kudos go to dream folk outfit Half Dream. Recently announced as an official SXSW artist for 2023, Half Dream also has a new album on the way, with a new music […]


January 28, 2023

Love Austin Music Month: The Well

Time for the shreds. Turn it up. Doom it up. Sludge it up. Make it heavy. KUTX Artist of the Month alum, longtime AMM fave and embodiment of heaviosity (that should be a word) The Well is today’s featured badass band, as we cruise into the remaining days of Love Austin Music Month. The trio […]


January 27, 2023

Love Austin Music Month: Pleasure Venom

For the AMM, it started with the self-titled 2018 release by Pleasure Venom. Kick it off with opener “Hive” at earsplitting volume (though “I Can’t Find My Black Lipstick” is essential GRWM music). It’s a peek into the beginnings of a garage band too big for the damn garage. They were bursting at the seams. […]


January 26, 2023

Love Austin Music Month: Trouble In the Streets

This is guaranteed LIT. The crowd will be jumping. It’s not a prediction, just something you need to know about live shows with Trouble In the Streets. Songwriter/vocalist Nnedi Agbaroji leads the way through a barrage of colossal electro/hip-hop/rap mastery, and this time, the band brings new music that Kevin Curtin aptly describes as “volcanic.” […]


January 25, 2023

Love Austin Music Month: Sir Woman

It’s a kind of ’70s soul vibe that draws you in to Sir Woman. Singer Kelsey Wilson has the smooth vocal delivery that owns that sensuality. The multi-Austin Music Award winning band redefines love songs with extra heat on their full-length R&B-fueled debut Party City, with backing vocalists Spice and Roy Jr. as the perfect […]