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November 4, 2021

Corners Pressed

By: Laurie Gallardo

For your Austin Music Minute host, the irresistible draw of Letting Up Despite Great Faults primarily came from two full-length releases, 2012’s magnetic Untogether and the 2014 melodic glimmer of Neon. There’s something crystalline and vibrant about these infectious releases, but with that beautiful haze, the fuzz enveloping the earbuds – absolutely one of the OG’s in the dream-pop cosmos.

The band’s current members first met 10 years ago, but founder/songwriter Mike Lee has been recording under the Letting Up moniker since 2006. This week marks Letting Up’s first release since 2017, with the new single “Corners Pressed,” featured on today’s AMM and coming out tomorrow on all platforms. And the band celebrates the new music (and a forthcoming album, WOO!) with a show tonight, Thursday Nov. 4, at Cheer Up Charlie’s, 900 Red River. Country glam outfit Pelvis Wrestley croons the tunes to make your twangy heart swoon, to start out the night. This is a win-win situation.