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May 6, 2022

Celebrating the Life of Daniel Sahad

By: Laurie Gallardo

Photography by Dave Creaney.

This was a difficult Austin Music Minute to produce. But here it is.

Anyone who’s had the pleasure of knowing Daniel Sahad has at least one lovely memory to share, if not several. The multi-talented, charismatic front man of Nané had boundless energy, both onstage and off. His presence would instantly fill a room. And his love and support of others was genuine. His colleagues in the Austin music community felt it. Even if you weren’t privy to any of this on social media, you sensed it in real life when you met the man. Sahad was a treasure. Nané was poised for bigger things. Those vocals belonged to a superstar.

Then, the news hit quite abruptly. Sahad’s sudden passing left the community reeling in disbelief. So much more to hear, see and experience from the burgeoning artist was gone in a flash. However, that light will never really go out. The music and those damn vocals, like all the memories, are eternal in their radiance.

Tonight, you’re invited to join some outstanding Austin talent in celebration of Sahad at a memorial benefit show at Empire Garage on E. 7th. Performing this evening: BLK ODYSSY, Sir Woman, Animals on TV, The Bright Light Social Hour, James Robinson, Quentin and The Pastlives, Primo, and Rod Gator. Doors open at 6 p.m., and the music begins at 7 p.m.