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January 9, 2019

Why Is MoPac Traffic So Much Worse In The Afternoon Than In The Morning?

By: Matt Largey

Does it really take longer to get home in the afternoon than to get to work in the morning?


August 23, 2023

What’s the story behind the colorful Maria de la Luz Cemetery in South Austin?

We question a question about the history of this Mexican-American cemetery — one that stands in contrast to many of the more staid cemeteries around Austin.


July 20, 2023

Why is Lala’s Little Nugget in Austin always decorated for Christmas?

No matter the season, the iconic Austin dive bar off Justin Lane is filled with snow globes, Christmas trees and strings of red and green lights. But the story behind how this decor came to be is always changing.


June 8, 2023

What’s the oldest music venue in Austin?

It seems like a simple question, with a simple answer. But there’s more to it.


June 1, 2023

Why does the Texas Legislature meet for only 140 days every two years?

Army veteran Denise Gordon questioned whether it makes any sense for lawmakers from the second-largest state in the country and one of the largest economies in the world to meet so infrequently.


May 25, 2023

What are the weirdest laws in Texas?

The Texas Legislature’s regular session is nearing an end. While some of the laws passed during these sessions are crucial to keep the state running, other laws have been a little more interesting.


May 19, 2023

‘Is Austin hiding their elderly?’ What’s the average age of its residents?

In a city with a reputation as being young, we got a question about where all of Austin’s older people are.


May 11, 2023

Who is ‘Moody,’ and why is everything in Austin named after them?

There’s the Moody College of Communication at UT, the Moody Rooftop at the Contemporary Austin, Moody Hall at St. Edwards University, Moody Bank, the Moody Pavilions at Laguna Gloria, ACL Live at the Moody Theater, the Moody Amphitheater at Waterloo Park, and Moody Center. It can be a little confusing.


May 4, 2023

For mouth painter Jared Dunten, the trick is to just keep going

The process can leave him feeling “beat up,” but he still gets the thrill he felt when he painted for the first time after an accident left him paralyzed from the neck down.