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April 15, 2014

V&B: Tenessee Williams

By: Rebecca McInroy

In this Views and Brews Remix on Becoming Tenessee Williams professor Charlotte Canning , joins director Norman Blumensaadt and actress Jennifer Underwood for a discussion of the life and work of Tenessee Williams.

When Thomas Lanier Williams found theater, he didn’t just become Tennessee Williams, he allowed us to imagine our lives differently, anew ,” writes Canning in her essay, Tennessee Williams Becomes Us .

His goal as a writer was to ‘capture the constantly evanescent quality of existence,’ and the work he left behind continues to do this in ways that astonish us no matter who we are—students, professors, artists, audiences, writers, or critics. When he became Tennessee Williams he offered us a chance to transform as well. His becoming became us .”

Don’t miss this unique look at the life and work of a literary genius.