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November 8, 2021

DJ Burn One Speaks

By: Elizabeth McQueen

This week on the Breaks:

  • You’ll hear Confucius and Fresh’s interview with legendary producer DJ Burn One who’s worked with artists like Gucci Mane, Freddie Gibbs and T.I.
  • In this week’s installment of Hip Hop Facts you’ll learn interesting things about how old Teddy Riley was when he produced Dougie E. Fresh’s “The Show,” Juvenile’s 400 Degrees, Lil Kim, why T.I. didn’t end up in the movie Las Vegas and more.
  • In his Unpopular Opinion Fresh states that Atlanta’s Dungeon Family  deserves way more credit that they get.

You can hear the latest full broadcast of The Breaks Saturday night show.


January 10, 2022

5 Years of The Breaks

This week on The Breaks: The Breaks celebrate the 5th Anniversary of their radio show on KUTX 98.9 Confucius and Fresh discuss the greatest beef of all time -- the one between Elmo and Zoe's pet rock, Rocco Both hosts look back on the last five years of The Breaks radio show. In this week's installment of Hip-Hop Facts, you'll learn about the deal that almost happened between Def Jam and BMF, how Cam'ron almost signed Rick Ross, how J Cole hipped Dr. Dre to Kendrick Lamar, how T.I.'s wife Tiny helped him early in his career and more. Fresh…


December 20, 2021

DJ Hella Yella Speaks!

This week on The Breaks: Confucius and Fresh interview Austin's DJ Hella Yella about his career and his new radio show on KAZI 88.7. In this week's installment of Hip-Hop Facts you'll learn interesting things about video director Ralph McDaniels, who  Ludacris' co-host was in his early radio days, why Ice Cube wasn't allowed to do a song with Dr. Dre and Eazy-E, the story behind CL Smooth and Pete Rock's song "They Reminisce Over You (Troy)" and more. Fresh states the Unpopular Opinion that contrary to what some people are saying, there are a lot of exciting things happening…


December 13, 2021

TROY NōKA Speaks

This week on The Breaks: Confucius and Fresh talk to artist and producer TROY NōKA about his new record, "Grab the Will," what it's like to work with artists like Frank Ocean and Chris Brown and how he helped Doja Cat on her rise to fame. On this week's installment of Hip-Hop Facts, you'll learn interesting tidbits about how we almost got an entirely different version of Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter II," how the term "The ATX "came about, what Deezie Brown's stage name used to be, why Outkast didn't perform at the Superbowl and more. Fresh states his Unpopular Opinion…