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June 17, 2016

Texas Standard: June 17, 2016

By: David Brown

Alamo City is seeing blue…but what about the rest of Texas? Why Lone Star democrats are especially excited as they convene in San Antonio. Also a Native American Tribe in Texas wins a battle with the Federal Government to use Eagle Feathers in Religious Ceremonies…a Tribal leader says the key was Hobby Lobby. We’ll hear why. And the Trans-Pecos pipeline, a done deal? Not so fast: we’ll learn about the unexpected price of eminent domain. And if you take the books, you’re supposed to bring them back: the grinch who’s stealing from little free libraries and what can and can’t be done to stop him. Those stories and lots more today on the Texas Standard:


September 26, 2023

Extra: 50 years after ‘Viva Terlingua’

The album was recorded in a rundown dancehall 50 years ago. Today it’s like hearing a time capsule. Some consider “Viva Terlingua” the quintessential Texas record. But why? Texas Standard’s David Brown had a conversation about this on our program last week. But for on-air we had to cut out a lot of interesting details […]


September 26, 2023

What you need to know about viewing the upcoming solar eclipses from Texas

Though Attorney General Ken Paxton has been acquitted on all impeachment charges, whistleblowers say they’re not giving up. Sergio Martínez-Beltrán of the Texas Newsroom shares more. It’s rare for an eclipse to be visible at the same location within several years, much less a few months – but the skies over a portion of Texas […]


September 25, 2023

What Texans need to know about the impending government shutdown

In six days, the federal government runs out of money. Can a shutdown be averted? What’s at stake if lawmakers can’t come up with a plan for short-term spending by Oct. 1. In Fort Worth and Tarrant County, families are falling into homelessness as pandemic relief funding is running out. Five things to know before […]