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July 11, 2016

Texas Standard: July 11, 2016

By: Laura Rice

Promoting unity in Dallas and action in Washington. Efforts to enact change after last week’s shooting, we’ll explore. Also: A new precedent. A criminal justice expert on the Dallas Police Department’s use of a robot with a bomb to eliminate the shooting suspect. Plus: Little Saigon. Why a Houston city council member’s plan to re-name part of a neighborhood is a little more divisive than expected. The Giant Still Sleeps… a film series looking at political trends… including why Texas Latinos aren’t going to the polls. Plus… The debate over handing out diplomas to Texas students who haven’t passed big tests. Those stories and lots more today on the Texas Standard:


July 24, 2024

Southlake teen Sam Watson sets speed climbing records ahead of Paris Olympics

Kamala Harris consolidates Democratic support, shattering fundraising records. How does this change things for Texas Republicans? After the death of veteran Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, who takes her place for the remainder of her term and on the ballot for her open seat? Sam Watson, an 18-year-old from Southlake, holds the three fastest times ever […]


July 23, 2024

Texas Congresswoman Jasmine Crockett pledges full support for VP Harris

U.S. Rep. Jasmine Crockett of Dallas has thoughts for fellow Democrats who haven’t been quick to support Vice President Kamala Harris. Prison farm labor isn’t just part of Texas history; it’s a reality today. An investigation into the practices and what we don’t know about what goes on in the fields. A mammoth find for […]


July 22, 2024

What’s next after Biden exits presidential race?

President Biden’s decision yesterday to drop his campaign for re-election and to endorse Vice President Kamala Harris as the Democratic nominee follows weeks of mounting pressure from members of his own party. But it was a Texan who was the first Democrat on Capitol Hill to call for Biden to step aside. We’ll talk with […]


July 19, 2024

Massive disruption worldwide blamed on latest Microsoft update from Austin-based CrowdStrike

A massive disruption that knocked businesses and services offline worldwide – grounding planes, keeping bank customers from accessing their balances and more – was blamed on the latest Microsoft update from Austin-based cybersecurity company CrowdStrike.The Justice Department has sued the Texas-based nonprofit Southwest Key Programs, alleging sexual abuse of migrant children in their care.A new study sounds an […]


July 18, 2024

After switching party affiliation, Dallas mayor Eric Johnson speaks at RNC

More than a week after Hurricane Beryl, thousands in the Houston area still don’t have power. We’ll take a look at how they’re coping.Dallas mayor Eric Johnson spoke about crime and public safety at the Republican National Convention as he explained his controversial 2023 switch from Democrat to Republican.What’s the next step for AT&T users […]


July 17, 2024

Folks cut off from a public Texas waterway take their case to court

At the Republican National Convention, speakers including Sen. Ted Cruz make claims about immigration and crime they hope will resonate at the polls in November. The Texas Newsroom’s Julián Aguilar has details.Some in Congress want to create a new military branch, one without a physical domain, to specialize in cyber warfare.The Standard’s Michael Marks has […]


July 16, 2024

Meet Sugar Gay Isber, the ‘Hit Man’ jewelry designer

A new report says that a year before Hurricane Beryl, the federal government denied a request from CenterPoint Energy for $100 million to reinforce power lines in the Houston area. Could that have prevented the widespread outages of recent days?Attorney General Ken Paxton is appealing a court decision denying his attempt to shut down an […]


July 15, 2024

After attempted Trump assassination, a look at politically motivated violence in the US

We’re taking a closer look at the implications of the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump, and a Texas perspective on the future of politics and democracy:Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller was in the crowd at Trump’s rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday and shares a firsthand account.The assassination attempt comes during one of the […]