KUT Morning Newscast for March 11, 2024

Central Texas top stories for March 11, 2024. One Austin city manager candidate withdrew from consideration. TxDOT is taking public input on a possible road expansion in southwestern Travis County. U.S. Supreme Court will soon rule on whether Texas state troopers can arrest immigrants who cross into the U.S. Emergency communications for blind and deaf residents. Travis County Parks will start taking reservations today for next month’s total solar eclipse. Williamson County officials are preparing for an increase in visitors and traffic ahead of the total solar eclipse next month. Deep Eddy Pool in Austin is reopening today.

KUT Morning Newscast for February 20, 2024

Central Texas top stories for February 20, 2024. Early voting in the March 5th primaries starts today. Home prices in and around Austin continue to drop. EPA announced tighter regulations on how much soot is allowed in the air. TxDOT is holding open houses this week to determine future projects along the I-35 corridor.

KUT Morning Newscast for January 30, 2024

Central Texas top stories for January 30, 2024. Austin residents raise concerns over a new proposed music venue. Animal advocates push back on proposed changes to Austin’s rules around dangerous dogs. Money distributed by Austin’s guaranteed income mostly went to housing. TxDOT seeks public input on proposed 290 expansion in Dripping Springs.

KUT Morning Newscast for January 03, 2024

Central Texas top stories for January 03, 2024. Austin police are expanding its crime data dashboard. FM812 expansion plans. Holiday virus trends. Christmas tree recycling.

KUT Afternoon Newscast for November 8, 2023

Central Texas top stories for November 8, 2023. Hays County election results. Pflugerville ISD new tax rate. Williamson County bond election results. Jurors deliberating in Christopher Taylor trial. Domestic violence rates in Travis County. Pflugerville ISD medical learning lab. Smart Freight Corridor. Longhorns basketball.

KUT Afternoon Newscast for October 19, 2023

Central Texas top stories for October 19, 2023. Land rule changes to improve childcare access. Austin City Council weighs in on I-35 expansion. Potential airport name change. Austin city manager search firm confirmed. Gas prices.

‘Death Star bill’ could destroy local protections for renters

As police departments across the nation back off dangerous high-speed car chases, the trend in Houston is running the opposite direction.

Texas is about to pull out of a multi-state partnership designed to curb voter fraud. Why, and who’s behind the shift?

There’s a hearing tomorrow in a challenge brought by several cities to a new Texas law barring local governments from passing ordinances on labor, agriculture, finance – and even the rights of renters.

Also, Texas author LaToya Watkins on her new book, “Holler, Child,” cited by many critics as one of the most highly anticipated of 2023.

Railroad Commission approves South Texas coal mine expansion

In the first Republican debate of the new presidential election season, an issue top of mind for Texans – border policy – takes center stage.

The Texas Department of Transportation is giving a final green light to a highway expansion in downtown Austin that would add at least four lanes and get rid of the road’s existing upper decks.

There’s pushback on solar development in rural northeast Texas.

Energy regulators greenlit a 12,000-acre expansion of a South Texas coal mine on Tuesday, despite locals’ environmental concerns.

And with strays being turned away by many animal shelters, a first-time cat owner – the Standard’s Sean Saldaña – reflects on his first month with his new pet.

Roads to Everywhere

(Episode 2) I-35 is more than a road. It’s been sculpting Austin’s housing scene for more than 60 years, encouraging endless sprawl and making gridlock a lifestyle. Take a drive with us through the highway’s history.

Breaking down the saga at the Dallas Zoo

School vouchers, now styled as school choice, are back before state lawmakers. They have been rejected in the past, but will this year be different? Senate Bill 8 would provide Texas parents with an education account, taxpayer money that could be used to send students to private school. And the bill has special features designed to win over traditionally reluctant rural Republicans.

The Houston Independent School district braces for the implications of a state takeover.

Jamie Landers of the Dallas Morning News has put together a fuller picture of what happened with a string of crimes at the Dallas Zoo.

And seven Texas teams are spicing up March Madness on the men’s side.

KUT Morning Newscast for March 7, 2023

Central Texas top stories for March 7, 2023. I-35 expansion public comment deadline. Austin ISD superintendent town halls. Williamson County ice storm recovery efforts. Austin FC.

KUT Morning Newscast for February 24, 2023

Central Texas top stories for February 24, 2023. Pflugerville ISD will not close schools. TxDOT I-35 expansion plans. Cap-Metro rail service interruption. Central Health demographic report. Jacobs Well closed. Austin FC season opener.

KUT Morning Newscast for January 24, 2023

Central Texas top stories for January 24, 2023. Fire related deaths in 2022. TxDOT I-35 feedback meeting. Hays county homeless count. Williamson county homeless count. Travis county summer youth employment program.

KUT Morning Newscast for January 23, 2023

Central Texas top stories for January 23, 2023. Austin homeless count. Pearce Lane project. Leander water conservation. The Texas Lottery goes digital. Longhorn Basketball.

KUT Morning Newscast for January 4, 2023

Central Texas top stories for January 4, 2023. TxDOT I-35 plan. Travis County rent relief. Crockett Gardens Falls collapse. Gunfire on New Years Eve. O’Henry museum reopens.

Texas Standard: September 2, 2022

A vote about a change to the social studies curriculum in Texas public schools. Only it’s not the sort of vote some advocates wanted. Proposals to add teaching about Junetheenth, the murder of George Floyd and LGBTQ rights are on long term pause. We’ll hear the backstory. Also how what’s happening in San Antonio could give larger clues about how climate change is affecting Texas. And a perfect storm for animal shelters as more pets are abandoned, costs rising with inflation, and a shortage of vets and staffers have shelters scrambling. Plus the end of the bitcoin mining gold rush in Texas? The week in politics with the Texas tribune and more today on the Texas Standard:

KUT Afternoon Newscast for July 28, 2022

Central Texas top stories for July 28, 2022. Wildfires in Central Texas. Jacob’s Well flow stops. Point in time counts resuming. San Marcos marijuana decriminalization. MoveOutATX begins. PanAm Park renaming postponed. Gas prices. 183 flyover closure.

Texas Standard: July 13, 2022

At the hearings on the January 6th insurrection, the spotlight turns to the some potentially key figures from Texas. We’ll have the latest. Other stories we’re tracking: an 85 billion dollar ten year transportation plan for Texas. What it includes and what it leaves out as the state tries to deal with a growing population. And with that growing population, a boom in new home construction. But why so many delays in finishing projects? Plus water levels low on many Texas rivers and questions about whether businesses catering to river recreation will sink or swim. And the Mexican activists fielding calls from Texans seeking abortions. Those stories and more today on the Texas Standard: