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The move away from fossil fuels may exacerbate water scarcity in South Texas

Corpus Christi at the intersection of a clash between dueling demands – one for water, another for energy alternatives.
Dallas City Council votes to expand historical preservation efforts, with a specific outreach to communities of color.
If you’re looking for an apartment in Texas, do you know what you’ll really be paying each month? A warning to renters about the rise of so-called junk fees.
A Houston print shop, long popular with musicians, now the center of a labor dispute. Raul Alonzo with that, plus the week in politics with the Texas Tribune and much more.

The Fallout

So what did state leaders do to make sure something like the February blackout never happens again?

And what role did deregulation play in the failure of the Texas power grid?

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The Electricity Game

How did we get the power grid we have today? Andrew Weber has the story — and it involves football, subterfuge and a whole lot of lobbyists.

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The Energy Island

It was only when the lights went out in Texas that many of us realized — electrically — we are all alone. Claire McInerny brings us that story. Plus, Jimmy Maas tells us how the electricity market in Texas used to work up until about 20 years ago.

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BONUS: The Big Flop

So Democrats in Texas didn’t get what they were hoping for in the 2020 election. Why not?

Texas Standard: August 21, 2020

The party’s party’s over – now what? After the national convention, how do Texas democrats plan to seize on the momentum? A closer look today – our conversation with the head of the Texas democratic party on next steps in the run up to November. Plus, a Declaration of Independence for women in US politics. Also, a big arrest involving an effort to build a private border wall in South Texas – what’s known and what isn’t. A new batch of listener questions about COVID-19, a look back at the week in politics with the Texas Tribune and much more when the Texas Standard gets underway.

Texas Standard: March 22, 2019

Safe or unsafe? After assurances that smoke from a petrochemical fire near Houston was not toxic, concerns grow over the environmental implications. From the Gulf Coast west to Katy and beyond, efforts are underway to assess the full impact of the 4-day long fire. Also, the head of homeland security comes to Texas amid reports of overcrowding in detention centers. Texas lawmakers take up medical marijuana plus other top stories from the week that was in Lone Star politics and a whole lot more.

Texas Standard: November 2, 2018

More jobs than workers to fill them? That’s the message today in the new employment numbers. What does it all add up to for Texas? And where’s the party? The tea party, that is. As democrats appear to be turning out in record numbers on this last day of early voting, what happened to the activist movement on the other side of the political ledger? Plus, a year after Sutherland Springs, survivors are in an uphill legal battle against the Air Force. Also, the week in Texas politics with the Texas Tribune and a whole lot more. It’s the Friday edition of the Texas Standard.

Texas Standard: December 16, 2015

Coming up, we explore the North Texas dam holding back 2.5 billion tons of water. A Dallas Morning News investigation dares to look at what would happen if the dam broke. Fishing for the facts at Lewisville Lake Dam.
Plus, the fresh scent of holiday pies…
and toys to help a baby learn to crawl?
All coming up in today’s Texas Standard

Texas Standard: December 14, 2015

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman tells donors he knows who the GOP challenger will be and he’s not from New York…
Today on the Standard- what hours of family videos discovered online tell us about the real Ted Cruz.
Also, the population of a North Texas town grows by hundreds (of children) and some locals are none too happy. We’ll hear why.
Despite an expansion of marriage rights, the percentage of Texans going to the altar drops…what’s behind the wedding bell blues…those stories and more today on the Texas Standard

Texas Standard: November 20, 2015

An attack in Africa. A former french colony. How does it fit into the events of the past 7 days? A top adviser to the secretary of state weighs in. And making sense of the situation in Mali- Ambassador Kristie Kenney Joins us… Plus: 5 Texas democrats in the house join 47 others bucking their party against the president over the Syrian refugee bill. We’ll hear the backstory. And if you can’t pass the test, you might get a waiver…thousands of Texans got to graduate who might not have otherwise. We’ll discuss the implications. Plus the week in Texas politics and lots more on todays Texas Standard:

The Honorable Ron Kirk, Pt. 2 (Ep. 41, 2015)

The conclusion of a conversation with the Honorable Ron Kirk, former Dallas Mayor and U.S. Trade Ambassador, and Senior of Counsel in the Dallas and Washington, D.C. offices of Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher.

Texas Standard: July 13, 2015

An undercover agent tells the Dallas Morning News: This is like Osama bin Laden escaping prison. The breakout and the fallout-today on the Texas standard. 4 people died at a Houston area pesticide plant in November. Now the feds issue charges and promise to send a message to the chemical industry. Crime surges in Texas cities, the reversal of a downward trend? Plus the official play of the lone star state…seen by millions but —not so many Texans.
And how far does a hundred dollars go in Texas? Would you believe further than a hundred dollars?

Texas Standard: July 10, 2015

How hot is too hot for the US Constitution? 150 degrees, perhaps? A new ruling may turn up the heat on Texas prison officials, that’s today on the Texas standard.
A Brownsville judge tells the head of homeland security and four other immigration officials to come to his south Texas courtroom, or face contempt charges. We’ll explore why and what’s at really at stake.
How’s business after the epic biker battle in Waco? You might be surprised- we were. Also, why Texans aren’t giving up on love even as they get older…Those stories, the week in politics, and much more…

KUT Weekend – January 16, 2015

How much money state lawmakers have to spend on Texas over the next two years….an explanation of school vouchers….and how cities and hospitals are trying to get people enrolled in Obamacare. Those stories and more in this edition of KUT Weekend!

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KUT Weekend – November 7, 2014

Battleground Texas founder on why Democrats lost….how private donations affect public school equity…and Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield on the thrill of space travel. Those stories and more in this edition of KUT Weekend!

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KUT Weekend – June 13, 2014

Governor Perry criticized for comparing gays to alcoholics….Dove Springs residents tell us how to help their neighborhood….and the Texas craft beer industry marks its 20th anniversary. Those stories and more in this edition of KUT Weekend.

KUT Weekend – May 30, 2014

What happens when Austin runs out of water….middle school principal tries to turn school around….and what to new Texas drinks to try this summer. Those stories and more in this edition of KUT Weekend!