Grandma Mousey

Grandma Mousey: “Freaky Face”

Among the many personality types out there, those whose favorite holiday is Halloween are the ones I prefer to keep close. So if you’re like me and want to get the most brimstone for your buck on October 31st (despite celebrating Halloween year-round), welcome Grandma Mousey into your nightmare. This indie rock trio’s been trickin’ ‘n’ treatin’ around Austin since 2019, their grab bag now filled to the brim with the sweetest morsels of jazz, psychedelia, prog, and more.

Coming off this Spooky Season, Grandma Mousey is set to play 10PM Friday night at Kenny Dorham’s Backyard, along with openers p.s. feels, Lady Chops and the Goddamn Jam, and Bridey Murphy. And right in time for All Hallow’s Eve, Grandma Mousey’s given us an extra piece of shoegaze flair to help get into character for your costume. Just don’t come crying when you can’t take the “Freaky Face” off…

Grandma Mousey: “LOUDER”

With the popularity of acts like Greta Van Fleet, it’s pretty clear that people enjoy classic-style rock in the contemporary realm. But that doesn’t mean modern rockers need to double down on being derivative to get attention. Take for example Austin three-piece Grandma Mousey, who’ve patched a path between ’70s hard rock, ’90s alternative, and current flavors since spring of 2019. On top of their timeless style, Grandma Mousey keeps new fans of all ages from scurrying witheye-popping stage sets and an impressive balance of discipline and charisma. Grandma Mousey drops their EPWith Subtitles tomorrow and plays at the stroke of midnight tonight at Valhalla. Be sure to bring your earplugs because when GM plugs in it’s bound to get “LOUDER”!