Thomas Csorba: “Goodbye To Goodbye”

Houston’s Thomas Csorba may have released his debut full-length From the Foxhole in 2017 but it wasn’t until last year’s eponymous LP that his mastery over the Americana genre became common knowledge. And riding off that well-deserved high praise for Thomas Csorba, much to the delight of us fans, the Bayou City singer’s set to sling out a new batch of refined folk-rock originals in just a couple months.

This morning Csorba announced a new five-track EP, From The Jordan, produced by The Texas Gentlemen’s Beau Bedford, featuring a co-write from KUTX favorite David Ramirez, and centered around the timeless theme of romance. From The Jordan streams in full on October 8th and you can dip your toes in right now with the record’s melancholy lead single, “Goodbye To Goodbye”!

Nobody’s Girl: “What’ll I Do”

Power trios, or “three-o’s” if your prefer; there just aren’t as many as there used to be. So when a three-piece of self-made songwriters join forces, hit the stage, and achieve a higher creative sum, you’ve gotta take note. And true to their moniker, the talented women of Nobody’s Girl (Rebecca Loebe, BettySoo, and Grace Pettis) have given birth to a collective creature that no single artist could possess on their own.

Specializing in Pop and Americana, these Studio 1A veterans have been around for a few years, but have patiently carved away at their outstanding eponymous debut LP ever since. Now, Nobody’s Girl is finally ready to come out of the oven and you can get it while it’s hot on release day next Friday, but not before an appetizer of the audio with “What’ll I Do”!

Ida Mae: “Little Liars”

As partners in both marriage and songwriting, Stephanie Jean and Chris Turpin’s undeniable chemistry has allowed them to easily negotiate the challenges faced by any musical two-piece. Under the name Ida Mae, their ebullient bond won the world over with their 2019 debut LP Chasing Lights, right around the same time they relocated from London to Nashville.

It doesn’t take a mathematician to determine what happened between 2019 and now, but Ida Mae’s re-emerging from the pandemic with an exceptional LP, Click Click Domino. The duo isn’t playing any games on Click Click Domino, which drops tomorrow, and you can creep into its sound early with the eery, sweet-but-sinister, “Little Liars“!

Israel Nash: “Canyonheart” (Social Distancing Pop-Up)

A firm believer in the bucolic lifestyle, Missouri-born Israel Nash champions a contemporary brand of folk-Americana, dubbed “cosmic country”. With a voice that gives Neil Young a run for his money, plus mouth harp and six-string skills to boot, our September 2014 Artist of the Month has an innate ability to transport listeners straight out of city mindset and smack dab into an intergalactic pasture.

The Studio 1A veteran shares the wealth of his latest, Topaz, with a release show this Friday at Empire Control Room. So if your bond to nature could use some re-lashing, take a few minutes to breath in a passionate performance of “Canyonheart”, filmed last May on Nash’s own Dripping Springs property.

Loose Cattle: “Sidewalk Chicken”

Neither New York nor New Orleans are particularly renowned for their unbound livestock, but that could all change with Loose Cattle. With Michael Cerveris and Kimberley Kaye at the core, Loose Cattle first came out of the stable in 2011, and within that decade they’ve evolved from a duo to a quintet, from punk into alt-country, and just within the timeline of COVID, recorded their debut full-length.

Loose Cattle’s got the proverbial bull by the horns with the release of Heavy Lifting last Friday, rambunctious kickin’ out of the barn with its eleven rustic and sweltering originals including an urban twist on a fellow barnyard favorite with “Sidewalk Chicken”!

Ben Brown: “When Fear Disappears”

Having built up his repertoire with pub rock group No Show Ponies as well as post-punk band The Savage Poor, Austin’s Ben Brown has been around the block once or twice. But as was the case with countless others who’ve thrived on the live music scene, Brown got hit hard by COVID and soon found himself cooped up with a head full of feelings.

Rather than be overwhelmed by emotion, Ben Brown un-bottled it all on his upcoming debut full-length Sayonara Sorrow, digging up and out of the depression of quarantine with an impressive artistic undertaking. Sayonara Sorrow covers a lot of ground lyrically and sonically, but may best be enjoyed by Americana enthusiasts in search of sincere introspection, heard abundantly across “When Fear Disappears”!

Travis Linville: “I Saw You”

Known mainly to many as the guitarist for Hayes Carll‘s touring band but having rounded out his resume through countless studio collaborations, live shows, and with his budding solo discography, Travis Linville‘s covered a ton of territory in his career. This frequently sought-after session guitarist released the Sun or Moon EP nearly a full decade back, and continued to spread his country-rock wings with 2014’s Out On the Wire, his 2017 full-length Up Ahead, and most recently on the 2020 record Sounds of the Street.

On Friday Travis Linville imprints his masterful presence once again with the LP I’m Still Here, cooked up with a dream team of contributors and produced by fellow Broken Arrow artist and longtime fan JD McPherson for nine intoxicating originals (and a Willie Nelson cover featuring Hayes Carll) that toe the line between indie, country, rock, and beyond, including the piano-driven Tulsa-sound-evoking “I Saw You”!

Michael Hays: “Flashback Moonlight”

Having moved from Mississippi to Austin in the ’90s, then to L.A. in 2004, and finally back to our auspicious city limits about halfway through the last decade, singer-guitarist Michael Hays has become a trustworthy transplant in the Austin music experience. By the time Hays released his solo debut in 2014, he’d already worked in a wind chime factory, apprenticed as an accordion technician, professionally taught guitar, and become a must-have session player, not to mention performing with his fair share of rock and fusion bands. Between the birth of his daughter in 2015 and the current year, a little under a dozen song ideas evolved into Michael Hays’ sophomore LP, Red Willow, which drops next month.

Red Willow reintroduces listeners to Hays’ brand of Americana-folk-psych with sounds that bridge David Gilmour to Elliott Smith, waterfowl-centric album artwork that picks up where Christopher Cross’ 1979 debut left off, and surreal cinematic visuals that further enhance already-stimulating sonics, as seen and heard in “Flashback Moonlight”!

Shakey Graves: “Unlucky Skin”

With the arrival of folks like Elon Musk and Joe Rogan, there’s no doubting that Austin’s changed. But one of the Live Music Capital’s biggest mainstays continues to help shape Austin culture with his folksy arrangements and sweaty live performances. I’m talking about Alejandro Rose-Garcia, better known to the world as Shakey Graves, who’s escalated his fame well past the local realm (though he does have his own official day here) and become a defining Texas troubadour for younger generations.

Graves self-released his debut LP Roll the Bones a whopping ten years back and to commemorate the journey since then, today he’s released Roll the Bones X, a tenth year anniversary full restoration-remaster along with a second disc that digs up and dusts off some of Shakey’s greatest rarities. Roll the Bones X dropped this morning and Shakey Graves plays a sold out show tonight at Nutty Brown Amphitheater, so give Roll the Bones X a spin when you can, starting a layer up on the aural epidermis with “Unlucky Skin”!

Chris Pierce: “It’s Been Burning for a While”

L.A. multi-instrumentalist Chris Pierce began losing his hearing at the formative age of fifteen. But instead of hindering his progress, Pierce let it push him to new levels of awareness and musicianship. Fast forward to 2021, where Pierce’s performance passport has grown to include supporting spots for the likes of Aaron Neville, B.B. King, Seal, Al Green, Blind Boys of Alabama and more.

The latest expansion on Pierce’s folksy brand of acoustic soul came with last Friday’s American Silence LP, ten tracks of poignant political observations and reactions drawn together by Pierce’s guitar, harmonica, and vocals. It’s a powerful full-length to say the least, and has all the elements of prime-era Bob Dylan and Richie Havens, especially on “It’s Been Burning for a While”!

Texas Standard: December 20, 2017

What’s most important to Texas? Harvey relief? A deal for DACA? What about just keeping the government going through the holidays? Deadlines and decisions on the Standard.

In a moment we’ll talk with editors in three Texas cities to hear what Texans are telling them about what D.C. needs to get done by this weekend. And why.

Remember how schoolteacehrs used to pin a note to your shirt so parents would get the message? The state’s just done that to hundreds of students. The message: you’ve been hacked.

Plus the Texan who taught the Beatles how to blow it. Delbert McClinton on the real story on that intro to Love Me Do. All that and a whole lot more.


In this episode of “This Song” Elizabeth McQueen sits down with most of the members of  the Austin outlaw country band Crooks. Guitar player Ryan Goebel, Trumpet and percussion player Doug Day, accordion player Anthony Ortiz Junior, drummer Joey Bybee and songwriter/guitar player Josh Mazor all talk about all the various influences they bring to their raucous mix of country, rock and conjunto.

Crooks have a new record out called Wildfire, and might be coming to your town to play a show!  You can check out their tour schedule here.

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