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April 25, 2019

The Get Ahead: “Deepest Light”

By: Jack Anderson

Much like parmesan with dark chocolate or peanut butter on a hamburger, Americana and Soul isn’t an obvious pairing…but it’s still pretty dang good.

Just ask The Get Ahead, a Portland five-piece founded in 2012 by lead singers Nathan Earle and Juliet Howard. Their shared love of Gospel, R&B, moving a crowd and beyond initially propelled The Get Ahead, and an auspicious meeting with  Son Little resulted in one of their biggest musical heroes producing the group’s 2017 EP Mind is a Mountain.

Recently Earle and Howard were married and in addition to welcoming their firstborn into the world, The Get Ahead shares a new full-length tomorrow! At just shy of a dozen songs, Deepest Light illuminates this period of transition, brings matriarchy to the forefront and will enthrall you with their take on American roots. Enjoy the full thing Friday, and jump the gun on The Get Ahead with the album’s title track!