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January 10, 2018

TeeVee: “Junk Driver” (Live in Studio 1A)

By: Taylor Wallace

To hear the studio version of any TeeVee song is to lose yourself in the deluge of psych rock dipped in shoegaze, but when you experience them live, their garage rock soul shines through. Started by drummer Will Rock in vocalist Alex Capistran’s garage, the two began jamming together and that jam evolved into the four-piece known as Austin’s TeeVee. 2 EP’s later, the group is set to release their debut full length later this year. “Junk Driver” turns the tempo down and lets the fuzz air out and stretch into the white space without sacrificing a modicum of garage rock attitude. One of their shoegaze-ier tracks, the momentum picks up as the songs trudge forward with Rock’s solid drum licks and fills to keep you oriented in the heavy-breathing beast inside the TeeVee.

“Junk Driver” appears on their Bask E.P., out now. Catch them TONIGHT at Hotel Vegas with SOAKED, Goldblooom, and the Sour Notes. If that’s too long to wait, check out the rest of their Studio 1A here.

-Taylor Wallace// Host, Thursdays 8p-11p & Saturdays 2p-6p; Producer, Eklektikos with John Aielli