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June 24, 2020

Swimming With Bears: “Do It”

By: Jack Anderson

A quick glance at the name Swimming With Bears might suggest a rejected BBC documentary, but in reality this indie soul pop group finds themselves in the same aural animal kingdom as Tame Impala and Phoenix. Since 2016 they’ve been sharpening their claws and heading upstream with their own sound, with Joe Perry’s distinct vocals turning this already voracious beast into a full blown audio apex predator. SWB’s toured the world and was once invited to open for Weezer and Panic! At The Disco, but with quarantine still in effect, you can imagine these 2016 Black Fret nominees have been in deep hibernation.

With that in mind, last Friday Swimming With Bears shared a glimpse into their own respective caves with a brand new music video for “Do It”!

-Jack Anderson

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