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September 3, 2020

Salvasquared: “Streets” (feat. Wardo)

By: Jack Anderson

Although he’s got strong ties to El Salvador, Edgar Umana’s enjoyed a fruitful life right here in Austin. For the past decade and a half Umana’s built up a reputation as both MC and producer under the handle Salvasquared, having joined Rhyme Stack in 2005, a full ten years before the release of his debut solo album Peleamos.

Since then Salvasquared’s upshifted his level of productivity, having spent some time in South Korea producing instrumental tracks before teaming up with Tesfa for their bi-lingual 2019 album Nomadas. Just last Friday Salvasquared shared Based On True Stories, a well-calculated ten-track that delves even further into the lyricists already introspective nature and bolstered by a couple strong guest appearances, including one from Wardo on the record’s gritty, penultimate offering.

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September 28, 2023

Daniel Fears: “Say Something”

Here at KUTX and Song of the Day, we try to be as dutiful as we can in providing both an accurate representation of the Austin Music Experience and great tunes. But honestly, all talent aside, for some local artists we often have to dig around to find something that’s actually airwave worthy. Daniel Fears, […]


September 27, 2023

Nihiloxica: “Asidi”

What happens when you aggressive UK bass collides with testosterone-driven Bugandan percussion? Nothing quiet, that’s for sure. That specific combo of acoustic and electronic, of modern and traditional first came about with the formation of Nihiloxica half a decade back, when UK producers Spooky-J and pq linked up with Nilotika Cultural Ensemble members Isa, Sally, […]


September 26, 2023

Restos: “Time”

If you remember Western Youth, then you’re familiar with Graham Weber. And if you know Graham Weber, you know he lays down great work wherever he may wander. A decade and a half into his solo discography, Weber launched Western Youth right here in Austin in the late twenty-teens and spearheaded their solo eponymous full-length. […]