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March 15, 2024

Polarizado: “Pagan Love Call”

By: Jack Anderson

When you operate all the way up until the witching hour, there’s no such thing as bad weather for sunglasses. So if you’re a degenerate lowlight reptile like us, we’ve got the perfect tint for you on the verge of severe thunderstorms this weekend.

We’re talking about Polarizado, the solo songwriting project of Austin producer/multi-instrumentalist Felix Bergman that dates back to 2018. Already a veteran of too many styles to list here, Bergman refers to his style as “Cult Americana”, obscuring all kinds of genre influences behind a thick film of Southern idiosyncrasies. And following a sole studio offering from last year, Bergman’s been busy lately, promising the release of “many singles” over the course of 2024.

Today, ahead of a single release show at Far Out Lounge on March 26th alongside Cobra Cats and The Discount Pills that promise came in like a clarion with “Pagan Love Call”. Like a sonic accompaniment to this Central Texas humidity, there’s no sacrificing the twang in this thang. So embrace the steam and put the remainder of your work week in a death roll, because “Pagan Love Call” is must-play for all kinds of weekend heathens.