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July 11, 2018

Petal: “Better Than You”

By: Jack Anderson

For five years now, Pennsylvania’s Kiley Lotz has surrounded herself with a rotating cast of characters that have (on and off) made up her rock outfit Petal. Through touring and songwriting, Lotz found herself moving from New York City to Philly but not too long after her decision to come out to live openly as queer, she returned to her hometown of Scranton to tackle mental health issues. These intense ups and downs can be heard in Petal’s sophomore album Magic Gone, released just a month ago. Magic Gone divides itself into two halves, separated by pre- and post-treatment outlooks (Side A: Tightrope Walker and Side B: Miracle Clinger, respectively). As a whole, Magic Gone lyrically explores themes of responsibility, accountability and adulthood and sonically puts Petal on a pedestal.

Petal joins us for a live performance in Studio 1A tomorrow afternoon at 2pm and later on that evening at Barracuda. Until then, interject some deeply personal rock into your hump day with the album opener from Magic Gone, “Better Than You”!