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February 14, 2019

Mykele Deville: “Type Love” feat. Daryn Alexis

By: Jack Anderson

On a day full of marked up chocolates and vain attempts to rekindle romance, Mykele Deville‘s heart beats for something much less superficial: self-love. This West Side Chicagoan knows the complexities of Black life in America all too well, and on top of being a poet, educator and actor, Deville uses hip hop and soul for self-healing, both for himself and his listeners. Mykele Deville’s sense of motivation in light of adversity is at the forefront of his upcoming album Maintain, a seven-song record that seeks to dismantle toxic masculinity and promote mental stability in black men.

Maintain is out next Friday but just for the Hallmark holiday make a move and wrap your arm around this new one from Mykele Deville featuring Daryn Alexis, “Type Love“!