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March 2, 2020

March and Beauty: “World Made Sense”

By: Jack Anderson

Partners in both marriage and songwriting, Terri and Tim Dittmar haven’t had much trouble in the past twenty years making their rounds on the college radio circuit across a few different local bands. But in terms of truly amplifying their collective voice, the addition of multi-instrumentalists Justin Bocanegra and Paul Stautinger have only recently allowed the Dittmars to blossom out as March and Beauty.

Tightly bound to one another as well as a distinctly ’90s-to-millennium-era alternative style, March and Beauty touts flautist/keyboardist/bassist Terri as the band’s vocal ace in the hole, navigating the group through dream pop, shoegaze and melodic indie rock. March and Beauty fused forces with Louie Lino (who’s lent his production work to Nada Surf, New Pornographers, and Moving Panoramas) for their upcoming record World Made Sense, out April 3rd, and the quartet plays their single release show Wednesday night at Cheer Up Charlie’s. The title track off World Made Sense definitely has all the ’90s elements you’d expect from March and Beauty, but with synth work akin to Tears for Fears or Depeche Mode, it’ll fit perfectly in your ’80s flashback playlist!