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August 29, 2022

Kevin Galloway: “The Luckiest Creole In Terrebonne Parish”

By: Jack Anderson

Before the indie pop chirality of Lucius caught on our airwaves, and heck, even before KUTX was its own music station, there was only one “Lucius” to be reckoned with on Austin radio – Uncle Lucius. From the early-mid-oughts all the way through the late twenty teens, frontman Kevin Galloway and his keen grasp of blues-R&B-country rock helped make Uncle Lucius a household name here in the Live Music Capital. But within the same year that Uncle Lucius called it quits, Galloway pulled off a well-calculated creative transition; his solo debut The Change dropped in fall 2018, raking up acclaim and giving Galloway the confidence boost to keep ’em comin’.

Right around the same season that he introduced us to The Change, Kevin Galloway recently returned with his sophomore full-length, Secondhand Starlight. Considering that these easy-going performances were captured with the help Doug Strahan and the Good Neighbors alongside Kelley Mickwee and Jamie Lin Wilson, to say that the stars aligned on this record is an astronomical understatement. Following the release of Secondhand Starlight on June 24th, Galloway’s been gearing up for a regional tour followed by three-stop stint in the UK. So give Secondhand Starlight some streams while Kevin Galloway rounds out his travel log, something that already includes the Zydeco-influenced crawfish-broiler, “The Luckiest Creole In Terrebonne Parish”.


June 14, 2024

Molecular Steve: “Wolfman”

Depending on who you ask – a coworker, a friend, or a family member – they’ll all have slightly different takes on your “character” based on previous interactions and observations. But what about those parts of our identities that never reach the surface? Those personality traits that stay buried deep within us? Well, we won’t […]


June 12, 2024

The Wild Kindness: “No One Belongs Here More Than You”

Random acts of kindness: we can’t recommend ’em enough. Because it’s those little gestures you catch in the wild that help us make new connections (no matter how brief or passing), break past malaise and monotony, and recognize the world as a more compassionate place. And new connections are also a key component to what […]


June 11, 2024

Mark Hallman: “Bright Star”

When you’ve spent decades making great records for other people, you’ve got all the tools to do it on your own, right? Yeah, although producers often get relegated to a “man behind the curtain” position for other artists’ critical success, at the end of the day they’re some of the strongest shapers of sound. Take […]


June 10, 2024

Holy Roller Baby: “Speaking In Tongues”

Since its advent at the turn of the millennium, the term “swag” has lent itself to plenty of manufactured personalities. We don’t hear “swag” much anymore, which is fine by us, since swagger ought to come naturally; it shouldn’t be too sophisticated. You take one look at multi-instrumentalist Jared Mullins, who (in the best way […]


June 7, 2024

Daily Worker: “Street Cred”

Ah, Friday afternoon. A beautiful time to be a daily worker, at least in an era where weekends are the norm. And not just because of the standardized two days off. No, there’s also new music from Austin outfit Daily Worker. The trio typically conjures a non-centrist, counter-capitalist aesthetic, down to their choice of band […]


June 6, 2024

Atlas Maior: “Jah Ali – Doctor Phono Remix”

You might’ve caught wind of our own Michael Crockett’s retirement announcement, which means his Sunday evening program Global Grooves will grinding to a halt in just a few weeks. It’s a bittersweet end to an era, no doubt, but fortunately there are other potent purveyors of world music right here in the city limits. Folks […]


June 5, 2024

Bryn Terranova: “Fueled By Fate” (feat. Natalia Nekare)

Progressive metal and drum n bass. Two high octane genres that we here at KUTX could be a lot better at curating. Just for today, though, we’re getting some local help from a whole new world of both styles. We’re talking about Austin’s Bryn Terranova, who on top of her time as a graphic designer […]


June 4, 2024

Meggan Carney: “Ketchup”

Despite the already-blistering temps down here in Texas, Summer doesn’t officially start for another couple weeks. And with exactly one month to go until Independence Day, Hot Dog Season is coming up quick too. But you can’t have hot dogs without ketchup, right? Well, we’re set to have plenty of ketchup on deck over the […]