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June 29, 2022

Jonathan Terrell: “I Know”

By: Jack Anderson

Sporting a leather jacket with frills, hats with brims (not bills), and a voice that both thrills and chills, Jonathan Terrell is still Austin’s arbiter of “cosmic country”. Formerly the frontman of Austin rock outfit Not In The Face, we named Terrell our May 2020 Artist of the Month, right around the same time he shared his third full-length Westward. Westward catapulted Terrell and his whistlin’ charm into national awareness but he’s managed to hold onto his humility and stay grounded in what matters most – storytelling through music. Since treating KUTX to an at-home session early on in the pandemic, Jonathan Terrell’s shared a few new singles, all of which have retained the top-tier introspective songwriting we’ve come to expect from this rugged stargazer. The most recent one came out last Friday alongside a lyric video, and thanks to driving drums, grin-inducing guitar work, and some seriously scenic lyricism, “I Know” may quickly find its way into heavy rotation on your driving playlist. Bonus points for “I Know” based on its inspiration – a gorgeous silhouette of a woman bolting down the stairs with a big beer in each hand…at a Paul Simon concert.