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June 25, 2020

Jake Lloyd: “Crossroading” [prod. DSII]

By: Jack Anderson

The week may be coming to a close but we’ve got one more Juneteenth release recap for you. And right out of the den let’s just go ahead and say that Austin’s Jake Lloyd is not just a “rapper”. Yes, he does employ hip-hop lyricism and R&B-style singing, but if you listen to the grooves he gravitates towards, you’ll realize that Lloyd’s dipping his paws into rock formulas and other multi-genre elements.

Last Friday, Lloyd’s lupine energy and lyrical lycanthropy made a bold appearance on his most recent EP, Lloyd Pack, highlighting a trilogy of tracks that migrate across three distinct styles. For the rock-minded folks, today’s Song of the Day might be a safe bet to start off on, “Crossroading”!

-Jack Anderson

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