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March 31, 2020

Half Dream: “Strange Lover”

By: Jack Anderson

Between the ongoing coronapocalypse fever dream, self-quarantine claustrophobia, and surreal political exchanges, things may seem a bit lucid right now. But for Knoxville-raised guitarist-vocalist Paige Renée Berry, the idea of overcoming trauma and fear through music is all too familiar. Berry founded Half Dream just a few years after relocating to Austin, united by a shared love of ’70s folk and modern indie, not to mention one heck of a big collective heart.

The quartet was initially set to embark on an East Coast tour after the release of their debut EP, Monster of Needing, on Thursday, but we’re hoping Half Dream becomes a recurring thing around town. So treat yourself to Half Dream’s aural remedies with Monster of Needing‘s second single, “Strange Lover”

-Jack Anderson