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October 24, 2019

Caravan Palace: “Moonshine”

By: Jack Anderson

Just over a decade since the release of their eponymous debut, France’s Caravan Palace continues to innovate and expand the electro-swing genre. They’re inspired by Django Reinhardt just as much as Daft Punk, so it shouldn’t surprise you that Caravan Palace offers more jazz syncopation than some of their French house contemporaries, and certainly more bump than you’d hear from the typical Paris café sound.

On Caravan Palace’s latest album, Chronologic, the group finds itself once again at a junction of classic big band elements and decidedly electronic-based production, this time adding bossa, soul, hip-hop and a handful of guest singers to their load. Chronologic came out at the tail end of August and Caravan Palace continues their North American tour with a sold out show 6:30pm this Sunday at the Mohawk. You’ll definitely be able to hear the fun from outside, and you can get yourself in that jazzy upbeat mood right now courtesy of “Moonshine”!