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January 31, 2020

Cara Van Thorn: “Darkness Fades”

By: Jack Anderson

Looking for some prohibition-era energy in the new roaring twenties…like…right now? You’re in luck! The members of Cara Van Thorn have carved a niche for themselves over the past half decade with an eccentric cocktail of ’30s jazz, ’70s pop rock, ’80s goth, and ’90s alternative for a timeless onstage experience, ripe with bleak lyricism, dreamy brass, stabbing piano chords, and infectious harmonies and melodies.

Cara Van Thorn brings their brand of boisterous barrelhouse to Skull Mechanix Brewery 10pm tonight for the release of their EP Coco Can’t Turn Left, and before you head there, we’re gonna treat you to the first of five tracks on the record – “Darkness Fades”!