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September 14, 2018

Black Belt Eagle Scout: “Just Lie Down”

By: Jack Anderson

If you hear the name “Black Belt Eagle Scout“, your first association might not be, “radical indigenous queer feminist”. Whatever connotations you may have had, Portland’s Katherine Paul has taken the title as her own, complete with a sash full of musical merit badges. Paul’s time growing on a small Swinomish reservation in Washington gave her early insight to the spiritual importance of music, especially in connecting with her ancestors in the modern day. Mix that with a grunge obsession, masterful knowledge of guitar and drums and a comfortable place in the Portland scene and you’ve got everything we love about BBES.

Today Paul releases Black Belt Eagle Scout’s sophomore album, Mother of My Children, an eight-track that weaves together experiences of loss, frustration, and dreaming. Ease into the weekend, shake off the work stress and when you have a chance, “Just Lie Down”.