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February 15, 2019

Bayonne: “Same”

By: Jack Anderson

If you frequented the local live music scene some years back, you probably remember seeing stickers that said, “Roger Sellers is NOT a DJ.” Fast forward to today, where we know that’s the understatement of a decade and where Sellers has made a new name for himself: Bayonne.

The sheer talent and keep-you-guessing nature behind this vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer extraordinaire made it easy to name Bayonne our February 2019 Artist of the Month, who also joined us in Studio 1A yesterday. While he was there Bayonne treated us to his latest album, Drastic Measures, a layer-heavy wall of sound and the strongest we’ve ever heard Sellers. The sold out release show for Drastic Measures is 8PM tonight at the Mohawk and in case you missed out on a ticket, you don’t need to miss out on Drastic Measures; here’s “Same”!