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February 16, 2019

Balkan Taksim: “Zalina”

By: admin

Balkan Taksim is something you could only describe as entrancing. Originating from Romanian folk, Balkan Taksim lies heavily within Balkanian formed psychedelia, while putting a sagacious twist to its traditional style. Swaying synths are paired with a non-stopping pattering goblet shaped doumbek (or drum), which create an almost disorienting aural space for the listener. It is within this disorientation though, that Balkan Taksim starts to make you move, and tap your feet almost in sync to the rhythm. Soon, that tapping becomes fully fleshed out dance steps, and quickly after that you begin to lose yourself in the nearly too inviting embrace of the Balkan Groove.

For a taste of Carpathian soul in your day, check out Balkan Taksim’s latest and greatest offering “Zalina” out now!

-Felix Kimbrell