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May 29, 2018

Anna Burch: “Tea-Soaked Letter”

By: Jack Anderson

Initially inspired by a spectrum of sounds ranging all the way from Disney musical numbers to Carole King to Fiona Apple, Detroit’s Anna Burch has just entered a new chapter in her career. Michigan concertgoers are already familiar with Burch as a member of Frontier Ruckus and Failed Flowers, yet Burch was only recently – and not so discretely – encouraged by close friends to focus on her solo songwriting. After one particular friend helped put a band together to back up the rough demos, Burch’s first solo foray began to truly take shape.

Defined by Burch as “the end of an era of uncertainty”, her debut Quit the Curse came out to critical acclaim this past February. The dark lyrical content of Quit the Curse stands in stark contrast to its bright ’60s jangle pop arrangements, but the result is nothing short of sensational. You can see Burch performing with the full band, Speedy Ortiz and Control Top this Saturday at Barracuda and you can grab a piece of Quit the Curse right now with “Tea-Soaked Letter“.

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