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Wes Denzel: “Don’t Change” [Social Distancing Pop-Up]

For the past few weeks we’ve familiarized you with our February 2021 Artist of the Month, Wes Denzel. This retro-minded hip-hop/R&B blender’s blown us away with his creativity on each new release and just because Denzel’s featured on the shortest month, he’s built up high expectations for the future.

Made clear by his My KUTX playlist and the ’80s flashback that is his “Don’t Change” music video, Denzel’s got a soft spot for the early-mid-’00s style of production. But as heard in our exclusive live performance, Wes Denzel sure as heck doesn’t need all the in-studio accoutrements to give a killer performance!

J Halp: “I Can’t Live Without You”

In the “before times” of live music, it was pretty hard to miss common collaborators across various groups. And perhaps the most “traded” player of all (at least in recent years) has been drummer Josh Halpern. Stellar percussion skills aside, this Native Austinite is also quite the competent composer, as evidenced by his solo project J Halp.

J Halp made his debut last June with his first single, revealing more of Halpern’s vocal abilities that’d been historically masked by frontmen, not to mention an impressive sense of compactness, arrangement, and production across July’s Ahlen EP. On Valentine’s Day J Halp continued his saga of solo songwriting with a new standalone single, one that cradles between psychedelia, breakbeats, and lighthearted pop, “I Can’t Live Without You”!

Mobley: “Dreams of Empire”

If you’ve kept KUTX company the past half decade then you’re well acquainted with Mobley. We named Mobley our Artist of the Month back in April 2018 and since then this multi-instrumentalist/producer has only seemed to get better and better at his craft.

Mobley’s outspoken political stances have kept up alongside the evolution of his songwriting, heard most recently on his new EP, Young & Dying in the Occident SupremeYoung & Dying dropped last Friday and Mobley kicks off his Devil in a Daydream virtual tour tomorrow. So enjoy Mobley in the comfort of your home when you can, and sift through the six cylinders on Young & Dying to find some new tunes for your playlists, like my personal favorite, “Dreams of Empire”.

ricface: “Silhouettes” (feat. RuDi Devino)

Born in San Antonio and raised on a mix of ’70s folk and ’80s synth-rock, Austin multi-instrumentalist/vocalist/producer Eric Wendt has kicked off 2021 with the advent of his solo project, ricface. Wendt’s style connects the dots between Phoenix, Toro Y Moi, and Tame Impala, culminating in a driving, psychedelic experience that lasts only as long as it needs to without overstaying its welcome.

ricface just dropped his sophomore single a couple days ago, but we can’t overlook the daring original released last month, featuring rapper RuDi Devino and a music video to top it all off for ricface’s debut, “Silhouettes”!

Stone Wheels: “Nothing More, Nothing Less”

With Valentine’s Day this Sunday, we’re just about halfway through Love Austin Music Month. For the past couple weeks we’ve partnered with Austin Music Foundation to help showcase their compilation, ATX Gen Next: Adventures in Lockdown and today AMF releases Side B of the collection. It’s the same cast of characters from Side A but re-structured into a new experience.

Driftwood “cosmic Americana” outfit Stone Wheels wrapped up the record’s first half with their concoction of ’70s-era country and ’60s-style psych and returned for the penultimate offering on Adventures in Lockdown, “Nothing More, Nothing Less”. So give Side B a spin when you can, and let Stone Wheels roll you out of the work mindset and into a chilly weekend.

Sunscreen: “Call Off Your Goons”

The name Miles Kelley might not trigger any memories right away, but if you connect the dots, Miles is at the helm of The Hermits and was, even earlier, the eponymous frontman of Milezo. This kooky character’s kept a consistent creative output over the years, and though you can’t find too much from his alt-psych-rock project, Sunscreen, as of yet, we guarantee it’ll radiate with you.

The already-scruffy Kelley gets extra fuzzy on Sunscreen’s latest single, “Call Off Your Goons”, whose mellow mood gives Mac DeMarco a run for his money.

Valerie June: “Call Me A Fool” (feat. Carla Thomas)

If you’re the type that just can’t get enough Memphis music, you’re already well acquainted with Valerie June. The singer/multi-instrumentalist made her debut a decade back on her eponymous country-bluegrass EP, and has since come to weave in sonic threads from a variety of genres with insurmountable grace.

2021 is looking especially auspicious for Valerie June, who’s set to release her first-ever book of insights, poems, illustrations and more in April, and precedes it with her third full-length, The Moon And Stars: Prescriptions For Dreamers. Prospects are high for The Moon And Stars, due out March 12th, and its lead single (and music video), “Call Me A Fool” are a surefire way to push you through this hump day, thanks in no small part to contributions from the Memphis Queen of Soul herself, Carla Thomas!

Pelvis Wrestley: “Horse Dreams”

When it comes to reshaping myths of the modern South, nobody really does it better than Austin’s Benjamin Violet and his glam-country group Pelvis Wrestley. Pelvis Wrestley released their biggest piece of revisionism to date last September with the sprawling LP Vortexas Vorever, but Violet’s queer reimagining of the Lone Star State is far from over.

Pelvis Wrestley pitched in a couple new singles for Austin Music Foundation’s ATX Gen Next: Adventures in Lockdown, whose second “side” drops this Friday, and those you’ll have to hitch your anticipation til then, you can get into the equestrian mindset with “Horse Dreams”!

Christine Renner: “Drown”

Enjoying 2021 at the tender age of 21, singer-guitarist Christine Renner has graduated from her teenage diary onto passionate pop-rock lyricism. The native Austinite’s managed to build a bridge between the stimulating instrumental arrangements of classic rock and the romantic-minded content of modern pop, forming Renner’s unique brand of retro-inspired originals.

This year you can expect the release of Renner’s fourth record, Heartbreaker, produced and recorded by Grammy Nominee Chris “Frenchie” Smith at The Bubble Studios. So while Heartbreaker crests over the horizon, submerge yourself into an ’80s aesthetic with the album’s lead single (and music video) that reckons with self-imposed isolation, “Drown”!

Venezonix: “Aguacero”

Though he moved to Miami at age nineteen, percussionist-producer Andrés Ponce has kept his Venezuelan roots close to heart over the past two decades. Ponce’s primary output has been with bilingual psych-soul duo Elastic Bond since 2006 , but just within the past couple years Ponce’s synthesized his love of crate-digging, drumming, and electronic production through his solo project Venezonix.

Today, nearly a full two years after his first single premiered, Venezonix shared his debut EP, La Que Es, seven sultry tracks whose audacious rhythms and daring production almost mask how soothing the whole record is on the whole. So whenever you’re ready to check out for the weekend, self-administer an Afro-Venezuelan chill pill with “Aguacero”.

The Brain: “So They Say” (prod. Ruler Why) [PREMIERE]

Any hardcore hip-hop expert in Austin ought to remember the name SubKulture Patriots, the fearless five-piece whose ’90s-style beats and rapid-fire lyrical exchanges gave Wu-Tang Clan and Boot Camp Clik a run for their money during their 2010s heyday. SKP’s been laying low recently, but founding mastermind Brian Tanton AKA The Brain isn’t letting a little kenopsia get in the way of his craft.

The native Texan  began experimenting with guitar and piano at a young age before graduating to hip-hop production and writing rhymes, but those early essentials have stayed close to The Brain as he’s continued to develop his unconventional, spasmodic flow. Now at the turn of a decade, The Brain is cued up to release his debut solo album, The Epidemic, on April 20th, produced entirely by longtime SubKult collaborator Ruler Why. The rhymes are remarkable, the references are extraterrestrial, and the beats are so fresh you’ll get stuff like the Gregorian chants on “So They Say” stuck in your head again and again.

TV Temple: “I’m Not Like That”

Developing a new style isn’t as simple as changing the channel, but drummer Emma Berrigan and guitarist Ben Root clearly had something figured out when they repurposed their co-op’s DIY home theater, the TV Temple, into an ad-hoc rehearsal space. The Austin duo’s indie-adjacent sound has only prospered since 2018, evolving from an ambitious eight-track of demos into the polished product that Root and Berrigan (who share both vocal and songwriting duties) have deemed, “beach-alt”.

A heady balance between upbeat and breezy, TV Temple premiered their sandy psychedelia last Sunday with their first fully-fleshed out studio single, “I’m Not Like That”. The tide is high for beach-alt, and today’s newly-released video for “I’m Not Like That” is sure to make some big waves for your Wednesday.

Aubrey Hays: “I Wanna See This Through”

It’s only Day Two of February but we’re already knee deep into our collaboration with Austin Music Foundation for Love Austin Music Month, continuing today with multi-instrumentalist Aubrey Hays. You might not be able to find much from Hays online right now, but you can still gather how gifted this singer-guitarist is just from the skills heard on her sole Spotify single, “Isn’t It Enough”.

Toting a dynamic that’s both delicate and assertive, Aubrey Hays is set to release a new standalone single this Friday but you can hear it a couple days early on the first half of AMF’s ATX Gen Next: Adventures in Lockdown with the incandescent indie rocker, “I Wanna See This Through”!

Deezie Brown: “Billy White Shoes”

It’s officially February, putting us at a lovely junction of both Black History Month and Love Austin Music Month. In celebration of the latter, KUTX has partnered up with the Austin Music Foundation to help shine the spotlight on five rising Austin artists, starting today with Bastrop-born hip-hop heavyweight Deezie Brown.

Filling out the pocket between Southern Hip-Hop and Funk, Brown’s been propelling his standing in the local scene and beyond with each new single and began making some of his biggest impacts after the 2018 album, Judith. Deezie Brown’s got his sophomore record coming set for release this summer, and finds himself in good company on Austin Music Foundation’s new two-part compilation, ATX Gen Next: Adventures in Lockdown, making an unforgettable first impression for listeners (be they new or returning) on Side A with “Billy White Shoes”!

Cameron Knowler & Eli Winter: “Strawberry Milk”

Acoustic instrumental is one of those sounds that’s perfect to just zone out in a hammock too. And if you’re hard-pressed for some hammock fodder these days, look no further than Cameron Knowler & Eli Winter, two Texas guitarists who adore the Lone Star State and its natural gifts.

After an inspiring trip through the Trans-Pecos, Knowler and Winter recorded their album Anticipation largely over the course of a single nine-hour session, with several of the songs completed in their first take. An exceptional eight-track of soothing six-string, Anticipation will certainly live up to its name in the coming weeks, but well before the LP’s release on March 12th, you can pour yourself a hefty helping of “Strawberry Milk” and enjoy some sweet instrumental tryptophan going into the weekend.

Mr Hymn: “Magnolia”

The name Dominic Sena may not ring any bells right off the bat, but if you’re on the prowl for some tantalizing dream pop, his solo project Mr. Hymn definitely preaches to that choir. Though the multi-instrumentalist has been releasing material under this handle since the mid-2010s, Mr. Hymn’s managed to avoid any sort of litany with his growing artistry, instead challenging the institutions of the dream pop genre itself with each new single.

Mr. Hymn’s latest came today with one of his strongest songs to date, and between the tune, its music video, and a live performance 8PM tonight at Far Out Lounge, “Magnolia” might just be the best thing to prep you for a chill weekend.

Nané: “Ladybird” (KUTX Social Distancing Pop-Up)

If you’ve kept up with us in the past month then you’re no stranger to the name Nané. Initially designed as a duo on the UT Campus back in 2016, the group’s since evolved into a quintet, whose R&B-soul-soaked indie rock has earned them the spot as our January 2021 Artist of the Month.

Nané recently released their eponymous debut full-length, thereby starting off 2021 on an extremely positive note. The band seems like they’re just now hitting their stride, be it in-studio or out and about (safely), making it the perfect time in their career to record a Social Distancing Pop-Up video with us. Add this exclusive version of “Ladybird” to your library and enjoy Nané performing as a trio in the song’s visual counterpart on KUTX.org, filmed at The Goose on Lime Creek in Leander!

Beth Lee: “I Won’t Give In” [PREMIERE]

Depending on what kind of person you are, news about breakups can either be tremendous or devastating. And though we were definitely fans of Austin’s Beth Lee & The Breakups going back to their 2013 LP One More Time Again, we’re eager to see how the eponymous frontwoman handles herself in this new chapter as Beth Lee.

Lee’s deeply personal lyricism and powerful vocal presence haven’t diminished one bit since The Breakups last album in 2016, and at just shy of a dozen new tracks, Beth Lee continues to push the envelope of her artistry on the upcoming full-length Waiting On You Tonight. Recorded in California and produced by Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express drummer Vicente Rodriguez, Waiting On You Tonight brings a whole new layer of Lee’s talent to her expansive take on alternative rock, with languid tempos, subtle percussion, melancholy chord progressions, and of course, some stellar vocal performances. True to its title, you’ll still have to do some waiting for Waiting On You Tonight, but today you can get an exclusive first listen to the record’s fourth single, “I Won’t Give In”!

Sunroom Sounds: “The Drive”

After a long, cloudy weekend, we could all stand to photosynthesize. And who better to help us soak up those rays than Austin multi-instrumentalist Ryan Black and his six-piece Sunroom Sounds?

Between Black’s lyrics that analyze the way people interact with one another and the group’s atmospheric instrumentation, Sunroom Sounds is set to be a luminous staple on the horizon. Keep an ear out for Sunroom Sounds’ first full-length, and let yourself drift in neutral before locking into gear for the work week with the band’s debut single (and music video), “The Drive”!

Indoor Creature: “American Dream” [PREMIERE]

Almost a full year after COVID-19 shut us all into quarantine, we’ve all become somewhat of adjusted to a largely-interior lifestyle. But if there’s one Austin group that’s sure to stave off cabin fever (even in the name alone), it’s Indoor Creature. What started off as a duo in 2015 has evolved into a slick six-piece, whose jazz-inspired indie-pop sound has continued to expand with each passing season.

Indoor Creature is set to share their third full-length, Living in Darkness, in May, and after a long first month of hefty politics, the band’s re-aligning their prospects for 2021 with the album’s infectiously chill lead single, “American Dream”!