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October 8, 2020

Sweet Thursday

By: Laurie Gallardo

It was a dream. But it wasn’t. But…it moved like one. All your Austin Music Minute host vaguely remembers is Madonna, Big Bird, John Wayne, and…a sexy banana? Freddie Kruger woulda seen this one, turned and run screaming. (Or he would stay to party, probably.)

It was actually a commercial Sweet Spirit put together for South Congress costume spot extraordinaire, Lucy In Disguise with Diamonds, which is very generously providing all the necessary over-the-top ensembles and accessories for Sweet Spirit’s October musical residency on Hotel Free TV. It’s like a Halloween dream come true – with rock. And shreds. And…maybe a sexy banana wandering in, who knows?

Hotel Free TV is a DIY virtual residency program supporting the ATX music scene by providing a platform for musicians to share their music, while opportunities to perform live are on hold or very limited. For the month of October, they have Sweet Spirit on board for a weekly livestream series like no other. The band invites you to see them “shred, sweat and live the fantasy” starting at 8 p.m. Central tonight, Thursday October 8, and every Thursday this month, at Hotel Free TV’s website.

Sign me up, Big Bird.

-Photography by Roger Ho.



October 3, 2023

Fox Street Blues

The forthcoming album Fox Street Blues by Buenos Diaz has a family story behind it, perhaps one that’s familiar to many generations of survivors. As songwriter/vocalist Nick Diaz explains, “These stories are unfortunately the norm and a large part of the American fabric.” But the album is a testament to how Diaz’ family persevered, and […]


October 2, 2023

It Might Get Loud

Earplugs are not optional for this one. The double headliner at Mohawk tomorrow night, Tuesday Oct. 3, is over the top sick. Tokyo heavy sludge masters Boris share an explosive bill with one of the most influential bands in several things heavy, from sludge to grunge, noise to doom, Melvins. Like, what the hell?! Both […]


September 29, 2023

The Homecoming

Put this in your 2024 calendar, in case you missed out this year. On Sept. 21, Mayor Kirk Watson officially declared the day as David Shabani Day in the City of Austin, presenting Shabani with “a proclamation for their craft and work in the industry both locally and abroad.” This is meaningful for Shabani on […]