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June 25, 2020

Legacy Live: Jackie Venson

By: Laurie Gallardo

Imagine the exhilaration that comes from creating music. Maybe you know this incredible feeling all too well, being a songwriter/musician yourself. Or, perhaps you know a young person who makes music. Either way, you soon realize that it’s only one facet of the entire picture. What if you decide to make music…your career?

Did you hear the breaks screech? Daunting. There are many elements to consider before making the big leap into that realm. More questions arise: How do I promote myself? Who do I send my music to? How do I do interviews? What about songwriting credits and royalties?

Questions like these are why E4 Youth Creative Leadership Academy’s Music Legacy Project was created for burgeoning creative minds. The local nonprofit provides opportunities for young creatives to work directly with music industry professionals to learn about things like publishing, recording, songwriting, performing, marketing and distribution of their work.

And to further raise awareness of Music Legacy ATX, Program Director Chaka Mandla Mhambi Mpeanaji (Riders Against the Storm) will host a performance and conversation with multi-talented badass Jackie Venson. Catch the show at 7 p..m. (Central) tonight, Thursday June 25, presented by One-2-One Bar via Facebook and YouTube. You can make your donation at this link.

-Photo of Jackie Venson by Ismael Quintanilla III.