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Dr. Robert F. Jefferson, Jr. (Ep. 26, 2020)

This week on In Black America, producer and host John L. Hanson, Jr. presents a 2019 conversation with Dr. Robert F. Jefferson, Jr., Associate Professor of History at the University of New Mexico and author of Brothers in Valor: Battlefield Stories of the 89 African Americans Awarded The Medal of Honor.

AMM Feature: Four Stream Picks!

Egad! So many choices! That’s why the Austin Music Minute has this very special edition of the AMM featuring four (count ’em – FOUR) live stream selections:

White Denim front man James Petralli gives a solo performance at 5 p.m. (Central) for the first installment of the series Constant Bop. Proceeds from your virtual ticket benefit the band and the staff of Austin music venue, the Mohawk. Get your ticket to get a link to the show.

-At 6 p.m. (Central), Gina Chavez performs music from her latest release, La Que Manda, on the SIMS Foundation Sofa Sessions, on Facebook and YouTube channel.

-Also at 6 p.m. (Central), Kathryn Legendre plays music from her new two-track release, One Long Sad Song/Waiting In Line, on a bill with songwriter Summer Dean, via the Western AF YouTube channel.

-At 6:30 p.m. (Central), Austin-based songwriter Ray Prim performs via the Oskar Brewery Facebook page.

-Photo of Ray Prim courtesy of the artist.

KUT Weekend – May 29th, 2020

Two Austin nurses travel to a Detroit hospital hit hard by COVID-19. Pease and Brooke Elementary students say goodbye – from a distance – as schools close for good. And despite COVID-19, leases in Austin are still ending. We find out what it’s like to move during a pandemic.

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Texas Standard: May 29, 2020

As much of the Lone Star State reopens, many prisoners in Texas eligible for parole are remaining behind bars. Why the hold up? We’ll explore. The governor says officials are monitoring the state for possible flareups and outbreaks but that effort’s overlooking many parts of Texas, notably communities of color. We’ll have details. Also, Texas hospitals that received bailout cash are suing a growing number of poor or unemployed patients. And rethinking the mythology surrounding the Texas ranger, the week in politics and more today on the Texas Standard:

We’re In This Together

Even as full stay-at-home orders begin to lift, this week’s Typewriter Rodeo poem is a reminder of what many have been through over the past few months.

Grief (Rebroadcast)

A traumatic event, like the loss of a loved one, disrupts the continuity of the narrative of our lives. It’s a terribly stressful and disturbing experience to carry the burden of a loss that incites the grief reaction. Some losses are so huge in our lives that they just don’t make sense. They seem like they’ll never make sense.

On this edition of Two Guys on Your Head, with Dr. Art Markman and Dr. Bob Duke, we’ll listen back to a show that first aired in 2014 on the psychology of grief and loss.

Stream Picks For Thursday May 28th

Check it out! Your Austin Music Minute maven (very greedily) presents two live stream picks for Thursday, May 28th.

First: Local nonprofit Kids In A New Groove, which provides mentoring for Texas youth in foster care through music instruction, is presenting a KING Concert featuring Austin-based artist Carson McHone. The show starts at 7 p.m. (Central), and you can RSVP for a link to the livestream.

Following that, catch a performance by Daphne Tunes on the latest Afterglow Stay-At-Home Session, kicking off at 8 p.m. (Central) on the Afterglow ATX Instagram.

-The featured tracks on this AMM episode include Carson McHone’s “Drugs” from the album Carousel, and Daphne Tunes’ “now that you’re new (home version).”

-Photos courtesy of the artists.

Texas Standard: May 28, 2020

The Texas Supreme Court rules fear of contracting Coronavirus is not a disability under election law. We’ll have more on the decision in the vote-by mail controversy and why it may not prove to be the final word on the subject. Also as institutions of higher ed struggle over how to move forward, we talk to the presidents of two historically black colleges about how best to help the communities they serve, especially hard hit by COVID-19. Plus Dr. Fred Campbell takes more listener questions about the Coronavirus and much more today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: May 27, 2020

Is it too dangerous to vote in person? New safety guidelines for election season and how they’re connected to the fight over mail in ballots in Texas. Also, how a pandemic is an unseen player in congressional races statewide. And an innovative program in Bexar county to help tens of thousands furloughed and fired, with payments plus retraining. Plus apprehensions at the border, the lowest ever? A Politifact check plus a whole lot more today on the Texas Standard:

Stream Pick: Virtually Green Note

On today’s AMM (click on the MP3, please), listen carefully just after the introduction. You’ll hear a really cool dude informing the musicians that recording is now in session. That cool dude is Cruz. He’s 4 years old. And the musician who answered him is  Carrie Rodriguez – who happens to be Cruz’s mom.

And the performance of the track “Z” is from Rodriguez’s series A Song For You, in which she and husband/collaborator Luke Jacobs play songs and share their performances on video via social media.

This week, Rodriguez and Jacobs will join friends Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis for a song swap on the live stream series Virtually Green Note…in the round, an online musical event curated by London-based venue the Green Note. Don’t miss out on the show, Wednesday May 27th, at 2 p.m. (Central) on the Green Note’s YouTube channel and Facebook page. Don’t miss out.

-Carrie Rodriguez and Luke Jacobs, with their son Cruz. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Lana del Rey vs The Breaks

This week on The Breaks, Fresh and Confucius:

  • Respond to Lana del Rey’s comments to the culture following four black female artists topping the Billboard Chart.
  • Celebrate The Notorious B.I.G.’s birthday and explore his impact on hip-hop.
  • Discuss Tekashi 6ix9ine’s comments surrounding the rise of “Stuck on U” by Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber’s to Billboard’s No.1 spot.
  • In his Unpopular Opinion, Fresh defends Lil Wayne as the third in the rap equivalent of the trifecta of Michael Jordan, Lebron and Kobe.
  • In his Confucius Says, Confucius encourages people to remember what they learned during lockdown as we all come out of quarantine.

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Texas Standard: May 26, 2020

Political conventions are planned out years in advance, so why are people suddenly talking about the GOP convention coming to Texas this summer? We’ll explain. Plus, questions raised over a 295 million dollar contract for contact tracing to fight the spread of Coronavirus in Texas, also efforts for contact tracing at the border. And its t-minus one day and counting: Space City watching closely as Elon Musk’s Space X prepares for an historic crewed launch. Those stories and more today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: May 25, 2020

With the unofficial start of summer in Texas, a re-evaluation of what we’ve endured and what’s ahead. We’ll take a look at the state of the fight against COVID-19. Texas based vaccine expert Dr.Peter Hotez gets us up to speed on the impact of the relaxation of stay at home guidelines in Texas. Also, why many daycares, now authorized to reopen, may not make it despite economic recovery efforts. And an update on the Coronavirus story unfolding just south of the border, and a rediscovered history of women and the high court. Those stories and so much more today on the Texas Standard:

Dr. Albert D. Chester (Ep. 25, 2020)

This week on In Black America, producer and host presents a conversation from 2019 with Dr. Albert D. Chester, owner of New Town Pharmacy and founder and director of Capstone Institute, both located in Jacksonville, Florida. The discussion covers health care worker training, and meeting the health care needs of an underserved population.









Stream Pick: Alesia Lani

Gotcha vibe right here to kick off your Memorial Day weekend. It’s all of the winning with Alesia Lani, who’s doing a fabulous Friday night live stream performance at 7 p.m. (Central) tonight, May 22nd, on her Facebook and Instagram. And give yourself plenty of room for dancing. It’s an evening of live music, conversation and a Q&A session with the Austin-based soul artist and recent Project ATX6 alum.

You can show your support by pre-ordering her new track “What You Know About It,” and by visiting her website for awesome merch.

-Photo courtesy of the artist.

Texas Standard: May 22, 2020

Potter County in the Texas Panhandle is seeing more than its share of Coronavirus cases, at least population-wise. We’ll get a look on the ground. Also, what’s voting going to look like in Texas come November? Turns out folks have very strong opinions about this. We’ll hear from some. And we’ll hear again from our go-to doctor for questions about the Coronavirus. One question for today? The risk of sending kids back to childcare. We’ll explore. And if your thumb has become a little greener during this pandemic, you’re not alone not now, and not historically. Those stories and more on today’s Texas Standard:

Stream Pick: Sofa Sessions – BLSH

The SIMS Foundation‘s Sofa Sessions brings another spectacular fave to their live stream series. Get your front row seat set for The Bright Light Social Hour, performing this evening, Thursday May 21st, at 6 p.m. (Central) on SIMS’ Facebook and YouTube, as well as Bright Light Social Hour’s Instagram.

And check this out: You can text SIMS to 44321 to donate during the live stream. All donations are split in half to support both SIMS and the band. You can also find BLSH merchandise at their online merch store. Step up and represent.

-Photo courtesy of the artist.