Anand Wilder: “I Don’t Want Our Love to Become Routine”

Some of you may still be distraught over the 2019 disbanding of Yeasayer post-Erotic Reruns, but former core member Anand Wilder has come with a bit of good news. Wilder’s recently announced his upcoming solo debut I Don’t Know My Words for release early next year, in which Wilder reignited the self-imposed creative challenges of his childhood by performing and recording each and every featured instrument.

The announcement comes along two new tunes and a music video, both of which recall some elements of Yeasayer’s songwriting formulas, albeit in a slower, more retro-acoustic manner. This carefully crafted pair presents a ton of potential for Wilder’s solo endeavor, as he clearly knows what he’s doing on I Don’t Know My Words, especially with the psych-folk finishes on “I Don’t Want Our Love to Become Routine”!