word game

It’s A Wordle World

The daily online word game trend has kept up since The New York Times purchased Wordle. For now, it’s just part of a routine for many. Will that change and is the sharing of those green and yellow boxes still annoying? That was the inspiration of this Typewriter Rodeo poem.

Wordle For Texas

By this time, you’ve no doubt seen or heard of the game Wordle. The daily puzzle game with the yellow and green boxes has become part of the morning routine for millions of people around the world. To coin a word too long for the puzzle — it’s become a wordemic.

Texas Standard: January 27, 2022

With news of Stephen Breyer’s retirement, a Texas legal scholar offers an inside look at who might be on President Biden’s short list for the supreme court. Also, a new commodity for Texas farmers and ranchers that could help save the world; why so few are currently buying in. Plus, Omar Gallaga with some choice words about the Wordle craze. These stories and more today on the Texas Standard: