Whites Of Their Eyes

Mattiel: “Whites Of Their Eyes” (Live in Studio 6A)

The first episode of Atlanta‘s third season just premiered last week at SXSW. But we had plenty of other Georgia-based acts in town to remind us that Atlanta isn’t just a hub for hip-hop. Take for example indie rock duo Mattiel, the mononymous brainchild of virtuoso singer Mattiel Brown and visionary producer Jonah Swiley. These two have quickly turned Jack White into an outspoken supporter and promoter, and after their 2017 eponymous debut, they’ve released a new EP or LP each year of the past four.

Leather dress and mesh shirt in tow, Mattiel brought some intensity to our airwaves last Wednesday for our Studio 6A SXSW broadcast. You can find the full video below, which features Mattiel passionately revisiting the very first track from their first record, “Whites Of Their Eyes”.