Wes Denzel

Wes Denzel: “Zodiac Killer”

Astrology. It’s a one-of-a-kind litmus test in casual conversation; either people will scoff at you for believing that gobbledegook or chastise you for not knowing your ascendant. But if there’s one demographic who seems to get a unanimous pass, it’s lyricists. From Deep Purple’s “Maybe I’m a Leo” to Des’ree’s “What’s Your Sign?” and Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box” to The Supremes’ “No Matter What Sign You Are”, perusing the daily horoscope appears to do pretty well. And as you can tell from that grocery list of greats, genre constraints have no place in the world of celestial phenomena. Which brings us to hip-hop/R&B renaissance man Wes Denzel. To say this San Antonio vocalist/producer is a beast on the mic and a scholar in his rhyme book…well that’s just a criminal understatement. I mean, he’s opened for both Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q. As a matter of fact, we even named Wes Denzel our February 2021 Artist of the Month surrounding his LP I Was Almost Happy. And with the recent release of his fifth single of 2022, the elements seem to be aligning in Denzel’s favor. The latest track pays tribute to Tyrese’s 2002 baby-maker “Signs of Love Makin'” with a steaming, astrologically-sprawling piece of funk-soul sensuality, “Zodiac Killer”.

Wes Denzel: “Don’t Change” [Social Distancing Pop-Up]

For the past few weeks we’ve familiarized you with our February 2021 Artist of the Month, Wes Denzel. This retro-minded hip-hop/R&B blender’s blown us away with his creativity on each new release and just because Denzel’s featured on the shortest month, he’s built up high expectations for the future.

Made clear by his My KUTX playlist¬†and the ’80s flashback that is his “Don’t Change” music video, Denzel’s got a soft spot for the early-mid-’00s style of production. But as heard in our exclusive live performance, Wes Denzel sure as heck doesn’t need all the in-studio accoutrements to give a killer performance!