Pendulum Hearts: “Waiting”

Back in summer 2021, Dripping Springs trio Midland centered their sophomore EP The Last Resort with a pretty straightforward declaration: “It Takes Two to Two Step“. Now that may sound pretty redundant in the world of group choreography, but it’s also true in terms of a performers’ ability to inspire spontaneous dance. Without the help of loop pedals, a stripped down drum kit, or other one-man-band mechanics, solo troubadours are rarely capable of keeping a crowd in motion all on their own. On the other hand, when the interplay of at least two musicians bounces off each other and onto the dance floor, that‘s how you get the energy going. And even after a half decade of gigging together, the core duo behind The Pendulum Hearts has kept the chemistry alive and pumped their passion into plenty of venues. Guitarist Chase Risinger and violinist Tony Perez flip the script on the leader-and-follower structure at the tip of a brim, a dynamic that’s allowed The Pendulum Hearts to pierce ears and move boots over Americana, Honky-Tonk, Western-Swing, and more. Today, on the heels of their latest single and on the verge of a show at Love Supreme Pizza tomorrow evening, The Pendulum Hearts have released the visual counterpart to their relaxed waltz, “Waiting”. It may be a bit slower than what you’d expect based on how we’ve been describing them, but after watching the music video on your own, we guarantee you’ll want to partner up, grab hip, and live out that intimate moment you’ve been “Waiting” for.