Upper Level Lows

Upper Level Lows: “She Got Style”

Now I don’t want to jinx the elements, but with only one triple digit high in the forecast for this week, it seems like we might finally be cooling down just a bit. So if you’ve been in sweaty solitude and need to take advantage of this (presumably brief) seasonal respite, we’ve got a couple of live show recommendations for the funk rock enthusiasts out there. Austin quartet Upper Level Lows has only been around for a couple years, and released their debut EP The Void last September. Now, just under a year later, ULL’s feisty live performances have elevated considerably, with new material landing soon on the band’s upcoming sophomore album. If you want a sneak peak of the latest stuff, you can catch Upper Level Lows 9:15PM tonight at Far Out Lounge with openers Concrete Shoes, Space Trayn, and BChenz or 6PM this Saturday for a free show at Oskar Blues Brewery. And if you’re still not sure what to expect genre-wise…shred along with the psych-prog-disco-funk-rock shifts of “She Got Style”.