The Eldridge Band

The Eldridge Band: “All Away”

Based out of Tennessee, guitarist-vocalist-organist Jon Eldridge has enlisted some of Nashville’s finest for his eponymous rock project The Eldridge Band – fellow multi-instrumentalists Johnny Boyd and Caroline Browning as well as drummer Will Morrison. And after tracking their debut full-length Hindsight this past year, The Eldridge Band teamed up with acclaimed Jack White/Chris Stapleton engineer Vance Powell to mix the record and take it to another level. It’s been a couple weeks since Hindsight dropped in late November, giving us plenty of time to look back and fully appreciate how well put-together this album is; Hindsight‘s impressive sonic and dynamic range finds The Eldridge Band topping crests of psych-and-country-driven rock before effortlessly lulling back down into delicate valleys of soft piano-centric Americana, alongside some perfectly-packaged, radio-ready, harmony-heavy standouts like “All Away”!