The Crown

Kyote Radio: “The Crown” (feat. Kyle Shutt)

This may be a no-brainer, but here at KUTX, we’ve always got radio on our mind. And we know we’re far from the only Texans where that’s the case. Take for example singer-guitarist Micah Paredes, who moved from Terlingua down here to Austin in 2007. After about a decade of finding his footing and exhausting the creative juices of a half-formed project, Paredes founded a three-piece in 2020 that takes its name from a long-gone pirate station back in Terlingua – Kyote Radio. Kyote Radio got together with Chris “Frenchie” Smith at The Bubble for their first LP, Real Crime, which dropped last August. And although their discography’s limited as of now, these fellas have already proven that they’ve got what it takes (and the abundance of effects pedals) to match frequencies with rock legends like Modest Mouse and Black Sabbath.

Today Kyote Radio dropped their heaviest single to date, thanks in no small part to The Sword lead guitarist Kyle Shutt. The solos are impeccable, the runtime doesn’t drag at all, and it gives us a glimpse at what life’ll be like once Kyote Radio reach the sandy, scorpion-riddled throne of hard rock royalty. So plug in, turn it up to 11, and windmill your way past Hump Day with “The Crown”!