March 12, 2015

For some, it’s a story half a world away, but for Patrick Maxwell, it’s personal-the Texan who took on ISIS. Also, post traumatic stress disorder-now there’s a genetic test for PTSD, but should there be? Also, call em’ lone stars-the millennial entrepreneurs. Plus, the proud reappropriation of the English language. All that and much more on today‚Äôs edition of the Texas Standard:

February 23, 2015

Winter storm watches and warnings stretch across the top two-thirds of Texas, a deadline to fund homeland security and a showdown in Washington to tie funding to immigration policy. A South Texas prison riot is under control, but for how long? And what do the Koch Brothers, the Sierra Club and the founder of Space X have in common and why are they joining forces? All that and more on the the Texas Standard:

February 18, 2015

Ethics in Texas politics and the road to the U.S. as thousands of Syrians flee the fighting. A Texas experiment puts women against men in a simulated Wall Street and do we Texans have our own language. All that, and much more, on today’s episode of the Standard:

February 16, 2015

Corpus, Dallas, El Paso and beyond. Today, the mayors of the top 10 Texas cities join forces for the first time. Also, should a private company have the power to take your property? A North Texas republican says something’s gotta change. Do you remember the Alamo? Sure hope so, because part of its disappearing at the rate of two inches every 50 years.