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KUT Afternoon Newscast for September 02, 2022

Central Texas top stories for September 02, 2022. Indicted police officer. Austin ISD disciplinary actions. Social studies standards. Austin-Bergstrom labor day. Longhorns football. Austin FC. Longhorns volleyball.

Texas Standard: September 2, 2022

A vote about a change to the social studies curriculum in Texas public schools. Only it’s not the sort of vote some advocates wanted. Proposals to add teaching about Junetheenth, the murder of George Floyd and LGBTQ rights are on long term pause. We’ll hear the backstory. Also how what’s happening in San Antonio could give larger clues about how climate change is affecting Texas. And a perfect storm for animal shelters as more pets are abandoned, costs rising with inflation, and a shortage of vets and staffers have shelters scrambling. Plus the end of the bitcoin mining gold rush in Texas? The week in politics with the Texas tribune and more today on the Texas Standard: