KUT Afternoon Newscast for December 22, 2022

Central Texas top stories for December 22, 2022. Extreme weather shelters open tonight in Austin after bumpy rollout. Williamson County prepares resources ahead of the freeze. Landlords shutting off water to prevent burst pipes violates state law. Protecting against carbon monoxide exposure during cold weather. 

Texas Standard: March 1, 2021

As March rolls in, the effects of the February winter storm continue to ripple across rural Texas. We’ll have a conversation with local officials. Also, a new month, the rent is due, and the home is still a wreck broken pipes, to water damage and worse. Any of this sound familiar? What are your rights? We’ll get answers from an expert. Also a new COVID-19 vaccine gets federal approval. What it means for Texans waiting to get the shot. And the state’s biggest university temporarily waves the SAT and ACT requirement. The shape of longer-term things to come in higher ed? And Texas researchers connect the dots on dinosaur extinction. All those stories and more today on the Texas Standard: