Swiss Franc

Maston: “Swiss Franc” (feat. L’éclair)

When you discover a group whose style and vibe matches up perfectly with your own, sometimes you just gotta recruit ’em. At least that’s what happened with L.A.-born psych-pop producer Frank Maston (better known as one half of PAINT and mononymously as Maston), who experienced love at first listen when he laid ears on Geneva band L’éclair.

The enlistment of L’éclair and addition of full-band arrangements to Maston’s solo sound has proved a plenty auspicious pairing, as heard in their upcoming LP Souvenir. The eight genre-bending tracks on Souvenir are more than just paltry trinkets, and you can get your own copy of the memento when the record drops on September 10th, but today you can unwrap some of the multi-national magic early with the sparse and spacey jazz of “Swiss Franc”!