Sunday Highs

Foxglove: “Sunday Highs”

Craving some musical soul food for this weekend? Treating yourself to some Foxglove ought to be a good fit!

Since 2022 this Austin six-piece has scattered their musical remedies through fields of funk, soul, and R&B alongside forays into indie and hard rock. And as heard on last October’s Ephemeral Daydreams EP, Foxglove forgoes the generic formulas in favor of authentic, moving passion pieces.

They’ll be taking the stage as part of the Happen Twice Showcase 8PM tomorrow night at Güero’s Taco Bar, where their handful of recorded tunes will be joined by Foxglove’s latest newcomer: “Sunday Highs”. There are a lot of moving parts to this single; how it starts sure ain’t how it ends. But the complex song structure of “Sunday Highs” alone speaks volumes to Foxglove’s versatility, not to mention how well each member’s talents play off one another in this sprawling five-minute emotional journey.