Stepped In Gum

The Brothers Burn: “Stepped In Gum”

What happens when you possess all the technical prowess to make a modern record and a newfound abundance of time, but you’ve never tried your hand at music? Best get crackin’, right?

At least that’s the backstory behind Austin producer Scott Osborn, better known by his creative alias The Brothers Burn. Sure, Scott’s already in his sixties, but that hasn’t stopped this retiree from swinging for the fences – with a personal goal to crank out this generation’s Speaking In Tongues, Wild Planet, or even Demon Days. And those big three give you a great sense of The Brothers Burn’s style, pop and funk with a little bit of a electro and lot of party appropriateness, which we’ve heard plenty of since The Brothers Burn’s Christmas 2020 debut.

But at his age, Osborn’s also got the wisdom to know not every song needs profound lyrical inspiration; you truly can just say “life sucks sometimes” and hit record. Case in point: The Brothers Burn’s latest single that hit the proverbial pavement this morning. Channeling that electronic adjacent, mid-late-’90s/early millennium aggression in the ilk of Korn, Linkin Park, or Limp Bizkit, “Stepped In Gum” is somewhere between a spiritual successor to “Break Stuff” and a cut track from the Blade II soundtrack.

So Scott, where’s the vampire rave at?