Sarita: “In the Garden”

This past Tuesday we treated you to Kalu & The Electric Joint’s latest single, “Garden of Eden“. And although the elements seem to be at odds with one another (Monday’s freak downpour knocked over my four o’clock flowers, which had been baking in the sun just hours before), a connection to nature, no matter how small, is one quick key to a happy human. Another Austinite who’s embraced that core principle is singer-producer Sara Maria, better known by her handle Sarita. Whether its gallivanting around on horseback in a sundress, skinny dipping in a river, or tending to her creative crops, Sarita’s definitely in good graces with Gaia.

On the musical side of her life, Sarita’s discography is currently limited to a handful of singles. But in terms of going into the studio with a fully formed vision and giving that first sapling time to sprout? Sarita’s got a serious green thumb, not to mention a sultry set of pipes that could easily inspire the sowing of some other seeds…That said, on October 12th, Sarita celebrates her 29th birthday with the release of her debut full-length, Earth Anthems. As you can guess from its title, this record’s dedicated to our healing planet, the great provider, and its ability to nurture creators like Sarita into maturity. The latest self-produced/self-recorded single from Earth Anthems came out today, propagating pop-y seeds into a crop of summer-ready R&B. So if it’s too hot to get your hands on some plants this weekend, at least cool off with Sarita “In the Garden”.

Sarita: “Never Give Up”

Austin’s Sara Maria may only have a couple singles to her musical moniker as of now, but just those two tracks alone are plenty enough to impress us with the potential of Sarita. Sarita’s been blending a variety of genre nooks and crannies for her upcoming debut album, be it from folk, pop, R&B, or soul, and rounds out these eclectic sonics with a powerful feminine voice that falls somewhere between Janis Joplin, Norah Jones, and Sade.

So keep an ear out for Sarita’s record in the near future, and keep the tranquil Thanksgiving-weekend vibes alive with a calming cornucopia of horns, guitar, and vocals on “Never Give Up”!