All about Texas cryptids

Most Texans have heard their names, and quite a few grew up hearing their stories: Bigfoot, jackalope, goatman, La Lechuza, chupacabra, just for starters. Scientists question whether they’re real, but the space they occupy in Texas folklore is very real indeed.

Today we’re sharing the results of a month-long effort to track down the origin stories of Texas cryptids – and discover why they have such a hold on Texas mythology and imagination.

Latinos now make up largest share of state’s population

For the first time since the mid 1800s, the biggest population group in Texas is not white – it’s now Hispanic.
The San Antonio Spurs officially chose Victor Wembanyama with their No. 1 draft pick Thursday night, and he’s been welcomed with open arms by a city ready to win NBA Championships again.
There’s a push and pull in some Mexican restaurants across Texas between a culture of machismo and one of celebrating flamboyant musician Juan Gabriel.
Texas-born singer-songwriter Jess Williamson joins us to talk about her latest album, “Time Ain’t Accidental,” her writing process and Marfa influences.
Plus, a wrap-up of another tumultuous week in Texas politics.

Texas Standard: February 16, 2022

As many watch for the next moves in Ukraine, Europeans are turning to Texas for more of their energy; it could come with strings attached. Also, six Texas congressional races to watch. And, an auction for wild horses…why some see it as a betrayal. Those stories and more today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: October 25, 2018

As the latest bomb scares appear to underscore, the political center isn’t holding. But what about here in Texas? And what does it mean for the long term? That’s today on the Texas Standard.

Coming to you live today from the studios of Texas Public Radio- celebrating 30 years on the air in San Antonio – as the city marks its 300th birthday. We’ll explore a bit of the Alamo City’s less well known backstory. Also, are Texans really as divided along party lines as the rest of the nation? Our project “Texas Decides” takes up that question. Also, the search for Maria Moreno, and a story of a Texas born farm movement hero almost lost to history. All that and a whole lot more.

Texas Standard: April 12, 2018

California and Texas may be miles apart philosophically but when it comes to troops at the border, there may be more in common that you think. The story today on the Standard

A New York Times reporter, embedded with Texas forces at the border, tells us what he’s seeing about military operations. And how this show of force is staying largely invisble to residents.

Women working as reporters tell their own stories to Texas researchers, and the findings point to physical dangers and an impact on the news. We’ll hear how and why.

And what if they threw a party, and it changed an iconic Texas city? It happened 50 years ago- and its ripples are still felt today. Those stories and much more, we’re just getting started.